‘Stache Media & Non-Profit Drums and Disabilities (D.A.D.) Join Forces on Vans Warped Tour

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‘stache media and non-profit D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) join forces along the 2010 Warped Tour

‘stache media, an online agency operating within RED Distribution, has joined forces with non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) along the 2010 Warped Tour. ‘stache media’s mission is to educate others about the D.A.D. program in efforts to establish free therapy services for Autistic and special needs children in schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. To help spread awareness for the D.A.D. program, Warped Tour attendees can visit the MustacheMania.com tent to learn more about D.A.D., get music, meet bands, and enter contests.

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“Partnering with ‘stache media/Mustache Mania has been an exciting venture for our organization” says D.A.D.’s President Pat Gesualdo. “Working with MustacheMania.com allows us to educate kids about the D.A.D. program in a creative and interactive way.”

In an effort to help bring more attention to this wonderful cause, several RED Distribution artists such as Eyes Set To Kill, Automatic Love Letter, Emmure, Hot Chelle Rae, and Dirty Little Rabbits are doing their part by promoting, signing autographs, and selling music at the Warped Tour Mustache Mania/D.A.D. tent. Other artists such as Bullet For My Valentine, Dillinger Escape Plan, Valencia, Four Year Strong, and The Summer Set are selling their music at the tent. A portion of album sales will go to the D.A.D. program.

Be sure to stop by the Mustache Mania/D.A.D. tent. We invite you to join us in helping reach Autistic and special needs children everywhere.

About D.A.D.

D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities) is a non-profit organization that helps children and adults with Autism, Dyslexia, ADD, Tourette’s, Aspberger’s, ADHD, OCD, ODD, and other disabilities develop retention, coordination, self-esteem, and physical and cognitive functioning. The D.A.D. Program is featured in Schools Systems, Hospitals, and Community Centers throughout the world.

D.A.D. is certified by the New Jersey State Department of Education as an official teacher-training program. President of D.A.D. Pat Gesualdo has an extensive background in the industry. He has worked on numerous major projects and is the Pioneer of Drum Therapy. His Modern Drummer Drum Therapy column is a favorite of drummers across the Globe. Alfred Publishing, recently signed Pat for his breakthrough Drum Therapy® instruction Book/CD

“The Art of Drum Therapy.” Also be sure to check out Pat’s band Iceland. Their new album was produced by Eric Rachel (Skid Row, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Symphony X) and brings Instrumental Metal to an entirely new level.

For more information about Drums and Disabilities, please contact Owen Kennedy/ D.A.D. Program World Headquarters at 973-725-5150.

About RED/’stache media

RED, A division of Sony Music Entertainment headquartered in New York City, is widely recognized as the industry leader in music distribution and artist development. RED specializes in Sales, Marketing, Radio Promotion, and Product Development for more than 60 independent record labels.

RED’s marketing outreach is unsurpassed in generating consumer awareness for artists, labels, and brand partners. In 2009, RED launched ‘stache media, an in-house Marketing & Brand Partnership agency. Our expert staff provides marketing services in Online Publicity, Lifestyle Marketing, Creative Services, Social Media Marketing & Fan Engagement, Consumer Advertising & Research, and Brand/Partnership Marketing.

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