A.R.E. Weapons Album Out Now, Download Available and Video

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A.R.E. Weapons Unleash New Track, “Mr. Creature” New Album Darker Blue Available Now on Defend Music

Click HERE to Stream/Download “Mr. Creature”

This week, A.R.E. Weapons release their riot-inducing new album, Darker Blue, on Defend Music.  In honor of the occasion the art-punk electro duo have let loose one of the records tracks, “Mr. Creature.”  The song epitomizes the Weapons’ ability to synthesize infectious melodies and dissonance.  Druggy keyboards, rockabilly guitar licks, and a pogo-inducing bassline create the backdrop for the band’s anarchic vocals.  As always, they manage to channel the balance of chaos and control that characterizes their hometown of New York City.  The Weapons have also released “The Darker Blue Trilogy,” a three-part music video.  If you haven’t checked it out, watch it HERE and prepare to take a ride through the seedy side of NYC.  

The genesis of the Weapons can be traced back to 1997 when the guys were lured into moving to New York after one of their early bands, Ayler’s Angels, was invited to open for Thurston Moore at the Cooler.  After performing in various free jazz and no wave inspired acts, A.R.E. Weapons formed.  The band quickly became notorious for their chaotic performances, which often took place at art galleries instead of traditional rock venues.  Upon hearing their demo, Jarvis Cocker recommended them to Rough Trade Records who eventually released their self-titled debut in 2003.  Now the guys have come full circle and recently even collaborated with one of their heroes, Suicide’s Alan Vega. 



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