Bill Hicks Box Set Available September 14

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2 CD/ 2 DVD Box Set Containing his Most Cherished Stand-Up, Exclusive Material from Family Archives, Songs by Hicks and Liner Notes by Henry Rollins, Eric Bogosian, Paul Outhwaite and Clive Anderson


Ryko is proud to announce the release of The Essential Collection, a four disc set (2 CD / 2 DVD) − out September 14th, 2010 on Ryko − that encompasses Bill Hicks’ short but influential career as a satirist, social critic and stand-up comedian. The package contains double DVD discs with over five hours of footage from Bill Hicks’ personal archives including rare, never-before-seen performances from the early 80‘s, the cult short film Ninja Bachelor Party (starring Bill Hicks, Kevin Booth and David Johndrow), in-depth interviews with Hicks and a photo gallery from his family’s keepsakes. The 2 CD discs offer over two hours of his best stand-up material with never-before-released performance pieces from a San Ramon, CA show recorded by Bill Hicks that was found in his archives. The box set also features new liner notes written by family members as well as renowned figures (including Henry Rollins, Eric Bogosian, noted UK author Paul Outhwaite, and UK journalist/tv personality, Clive Anderson), and a download card containing original song recordings by Hicks (that were mastered at Abbey Road Studios – London, England) entitled, Lo-Fi Troubadour.

Excerpts from liner notes:

“Bill Hicks had an unerring ability to find the lie, shine a bright light on it and while doing so, creating some incredible and lasting comedy you will ever hear…If Bill were around now, America would be a better place.” – Henry Rollins

“Bill Hicks was a visionary. But more importantly, he was fucking funny. Like tears-in-your-eyes, fall-out-of your-chair funny. He painted word pictures that were so filled with truth, so on the mark, that they became part of your consciousness for life.” Eric Bogosian

Bill Hicks’ extraordinary social commentary is as fresh and stunning today as it was in the 80‘s and 90’s.  He engaged his audiences by confronting mainstream beliefs and hypocrisy in a manner that provoked thought as well as laughter. Hicks called himself “Chomsky with dick jokes” and The New Yorker described him as an “exhilarating comic thinker in a renegade class all his own.” Hicks’ career was short in span, but powerful in impact. His rigorous touring schedule from the early 80’s into the early 90’s often tallied over 300 nights per year. He appeared on Late Night with David Letterman eleven times during his career. He also gained a dedicated fan base in the UK where he currently is listed as the UK’s 4th Greatest Comedian in their 2010 poll (conducted by Channel 4).

For more information on Bill Hicks visit www.billhicks.com.




1.        Fevered Egos

2.        I’m Talking To The Women Here

3.        My Favorite New Kid

4.        Marketing & Advertising

5.        Artistic Roll Call

6.        Orange Drink

7.        Save Willie

8.        Menu?

9.        A Killer Idea

10.     Goodbye You Lizard Scum

11.     Summertime

12.     Elvis*

13.     The News

14.     Confession Time (Cops)

15.     Please Do Not Disturb*

16.     Spectravision & Housekeeping

17.     Girl Of Your Dreams

18.     Clam Lappers & Sonic The Hedgehog TM

19.     What Is Pornography?

20.     Renting Pornos & Girlfriends*

21.     Name & Address Not Withheld*

22.     Beelzebozo*

23.     Pussywhipped Satan

24.     I Love My Job

25.     Audience Member / Old Folks Home Manager*

26.     Worst Audience Ever

27.     The F Word

28.     My Parents


1.        Drugs Have Done Good Things

2.        Rockers Against Drugs Suck

3.        We Live In A World

4.        Drugs Have Done Good Things Part 2*

5.        Ding Dong

6.        Gays In The Military

7.        Speaking Of Homosexuality

8.        Children On Airplanes

9.        Your Children Aren’t Special

10.     Pro Life

11.     Non-Smokers

12.     Audience Member / Dental Assistant*

13.     Smoking

14.     Smoking Tastes Great*

15.     Yul Brynner

16.     Smoking In Heaven

17.     Flying Saucer Tour

18.     Burning Issues

19.     Odd Beliefs

20.     Kennedy & The Warren Commission

21.     Handguns – UK vs. USA*

22.     The Vision


The Early Years – Stand Up

                Houston, TX – 1981*

                Houston, TX – 1984*

                Indianapolis, IN – 1985*

                Houston, TX (Part 1) – 1986*

                Houston, TX (Part 2) – 1986*

The Early Years – TV Interview

The Outlaw Comics

                Outlaw Comics Performance

                Origins Of The Outlaw Comics*

Extras – Photo Gallery


Ninja Bachelor Party

About Ninja Bachelor Party

Austin Bootleg Series

                November, 1991*

                December, 1992*

                June, 1993*

                October, 1993*

About The Austin Bootleg Series


Lo-Fi Troubadour

Original Songs* – Written & Performed by Bill Hicks

1.        Introduction

2.        She’s A Woman

3.        Hey Mama

4.        The Road Can Be Hard

5.        Jazz Instrumental

6.        The Moon Is Smiling

7.        Turn Your Mind Over To Your Heart

8.        No Music In My Soul

9.        Waiting To Meet You

10.     I Never Really Cried For You

11.     Outro Instrumental



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