SAW 3D Soundtrack Featuring KARNIVOOL, Chester Bennington’s Dead By Sunrise and more October 26

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Features Exclusive and Unreleased Music From: Saving Abel, Saliva & Dir En Grey With tracks from: Krokus, Hinder, My Darkest Day, Karnivool & Chester Bennington’s Dead By Sunrise “The Traps Come Alive”

Back for the seventh installment of the Saw horror series this Halloween moviegoers will once again cringe in their seats as blood, guts and body parts are up for grabs in Saw 3D. As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gather to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror. What started out as a “little” indie horror movie back in 2004 has turned into a juggernaut go-for-the-throat franchise and fittingly enough, the movie soundtracks have always been amicable counterparts assaulting the senses in a manner that would make Jigsaw proud. Saw 3D-Music Inspired by the film to street on October 26. Artists’ Addiction Soundtracks’ Jonathan Platt says of the Saw 3D, “The artist line-up and music for the SAW 3D soundtrack is mind-blowing and after producing 6 SAW Soundtracks this is the one that clearly defines the mood and passion of the unbelievable SAW franchise”. Prepare for the exclusive Saw 3D soundtrack Itunes application to launch free of charge on October 26.



 The Saw 3D Sound Track – Music Inspired by the film Bands & Tracks:
1. Saving Abel – Never (exclusive) Saving Abel boast a cool, alt-rock, Southern-tinged sound that’s instantly familiar and irresistible.

2. Dead By Sunrise (Chester Bennington) – Condemned Dead By Sunrise is the new band formed by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Chester also has a guest role in The Saw 3D.

3. Hinder – Waking Up The Devil Combining raw riffs with big hooks and vocal harmonies, Hinder take their cues from rock legends like Aerosmith, AC/DC, KISS, and Guns N’ Roses, and update them with modern guitar sounds.

4. Karnivool – Goliath Australia’s rock monsters Karnivool are poised to explode with their new album Sound Awake, a kaleidoscopic, multi-dimensional masterpiece. It’s a record that’s going to blow people away.

5. Nitzer Ebb – Promises Initially formed in Chelmsford, Essex Nitzer Ebb were influenced by the harder sounds of the early electro pop scene, but also distilled elements from several other genres until they had created their own identifiable sound characterised by powerful rhythms, minimal sequencer bass and hooklines and fierce, chanted vocals.

6. Kopek – Love Is Dead Shoveling out a bracing dose of heartfelt and expertly performed modern rock Kopek’s “Love Is Dead,” the first single of the band’s US debut White Collar Lies is a swaggering, fist-pumping ode to raw, emotional rock.

7. Saliva – Badass (exclusive) Latest word on the street is this is a new sounding Saliva and you get your first taste here. Bad Ass is a new track currently unreleased but will be on the band’s next CD release.

8. My Darkest Day – The World Belongs To me My Darkest Days use high energy rock and roll, coupled with beautiful ballads to explore the feelings that burn inside all of us. With catchy melodies and lyrics to back them up My Darkest Days is slowly becoming a fan favorite.

9. Default – Turn It On Canadian post-grunge/alternative rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia.

10. I-Exist – Firefly Hailing from Indianapolis, IN I-Exist recently released their debut CD Within Imagination.

11. Boom Boom Satellites – What Goes Around Comes Around Boom Boom Satellites – What Goes Around Comes Around The brain child of Bassist/programmer Masayuki Nakano and guitarist/vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima, boom boom satellites have been combining distortion-drenched rock and punk guitars, with electronic dance music and heavy jazz elements to constantly evolve and refine their innovative sound.

12. Adelitas Way – Scream Adelites Way – Scream Formed in Las Vegas, NV the band blends hardcore with classic rock influence the band is currently in the studio working on a new CD.

13. Krokus – Hoodoo Woman Krokus is back with the band’s most successful line-up and recently released their first US CD with their original line-up in over two decades, Hoodoo was produced by band founder and bassist Chris von Rohr, recorded by Dennis Ward (producer of Hellraiser).

14. Lordi – This Is Heavy Metal Hailing from Finland, Lordi has made a name for themselves as the Finnish Monster Metal for runners, famous for their horror wardrobe and stage antics.

15. Wagdug Futuristic Unity – Ram The Crush WFU is a side-project from Hiroshi Kyono, of The Mad Capsule Markets.

16. Dir En Grey – Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami (exclusive) DIR EN GREY has conquered the Japanese rock scene with lyrics that convey sorrow, darkness and anger in modern society. The band has received international critical acclaim for their masterful translation of the lyrics to their dramatic and at times shocking stage show, which includes self-mutilation with bloodshed.

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