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I had my first dose of Alice Cooper and I am so happy it was a double. WOW, Alice Cooper is insane live! What a show and he never broke character. What a treat for all of your senses. Alice Cooper certainly knows how to put together a powerhouse of a band. With Jimmy DeGrasso on drums, Damon Johnson and Keri Kelli on guitars and Chuck Garric on bass this group was unstoppable. The musicianship was immaculate. Every band member had a featured role in the show and they were so tight and professional it was crazy. I hope I am as awesome as Alice Cooper when I am his age. I honestly think I pulled my back out just watching him jump around and die pretty much at the end of every song. Okay, so he didn’t die after every song but I witnessed him getting hanged, beheaded and putting in a little one on one time with an iron maiden. The iron maiden scene was exceptional, with all the blood squirting out. The girl in the show did a great job of really roughing Alice up. I now know why Alice Cooper has legions of fans that flock to his side whenever he is on tour because they know they are going to witness musical greatness wrapped in horror history. I have to say that I absolutely loved seeing Alice Cooper live! I even enjoyed his popping those confetti filled balloons right in my face and the smile that he had when he got me every time. I think my ducking just egged him on. You are the master, kind sir and I enjoyed every minute of the show and the party that followed later that night when I removed my bra. Yes, I have no idea how but both nights I managed to get a ton of balloon confetti in my bra. My favorite songs live were “I’m Eighteen”, “School’s Out”,” No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Poison”, “Vengeance Is Mine”, “Billion Dollar Babies” and “Feed My Frankenstein”. Good times will be had by all that attend an Alice Cooper show!

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