Anna Torv, Olivia Dunham FRINGE Interview, Thursday nights 9 PM EST on FOX

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Interview with ANNA TORV  “Olivia Dunham”
Watch FRINGE on Thursday nights at 9 PM EST on FOX
October 31, 2010
Lena Lamoray

FRINGE FOX PRESS RELEASE: Heading into its mind-bending third season, the critically acclaimed FRINGE continues to explore otherworldly cases with endless impossibilities.Set in Boston, the FBI’s Fringe Division was introduced when Special Agent OLIVIA DUNHAM (Anna Torv) enlisted institutionalized “fringe” scientist WALTER BISHOP (John Noble) and his globe-trotting, jack-of-all-trades son, PETER (Joshua Jackson), to help in the investigation of an airline disaster that defied human logic. After the defining case was solved and revealed to be one of a series of unusual incidents linked together, the unlikely trio supervised by Special Agent PHILLIP BROYLES (Lance Reddick) and assisted by Junior Agent ASTRID FARNSWORTH (Jasika Nicole) was formed. As unimaginable events continued to unfold over the first two seasons, the Fringe Division’s investigations often led them to the multifaceted biomedical science, energy and technology corporation Massive Dynamic and its enigmatic chief executive NINA SHARP (Blair Brown). When Olivia discovered that she was a test subject as a child of Walter Bishop and Massive Dynamic’s elusive founder and chairman WILLIAM BELL (guest star Leonard Nimoy), it triggered a search for details about her forgotten and perplexing past. Her findings uncovered the existence of a parallel universe and she recovered her childhood ability to detect objects from this parallel universe, which shockingly led her to learn that Peter is from the “other side.” As a result, Walter revealed that he kidnapped Peter as a child from the parallel universe 25 years ago. At the conclusion of last season, a distraught Peter returned to his otherworldly origins to reconnect with his roots and his birth mother (guest star Orla Brady). When the Fringe Team mobilized to retrieve Peter, it was seen as an attack on the alternate universe and led to an intense situation with Walter and Olivia pitted against their doppelgangers in a race against time. William Bell made the ultimate sacrifice that paved the way for Peter to return “over here” with Walter and a disguised alternate Olivia at his side. This extraordinary turn of events shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia “over there.” The quest to retrieve Peter from the parallel universe will raise questions about identity and choices this season. In the Season Three premiere, a disoriented Olivia fights to find her way home with the help of a taxi driver (guest star Andre Royo), and we are introduced to her mother (guest star Amy Madigan). Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia. Created by J.J. Abrams & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, FRINGE is produced by Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Abrams, Bryan Burk, J.H. Wyman, Jeff Pinkner and Joe Chappelle serve as executive producers, while Kurtzman, Orci and Akiva Goldsman are consulting producers. Additionally, Pinkner and Wyman serve as the series’ showrunners.

ANNA TORV is most known for her role as “Olivia Dunham” in FRINGE but she has also been featured in “Mistresses”, “The Secret Life of Us”, “Young Lions” and “Travelling Light”.

ANNA TORV “Olivia Dunham” answers some of our questions about FRINGE. Watch FRINGE on Thursday nights at 9 PM EST only on FOX!

Read the interview:  https://lenalamoray.com/INTERVIEW-FRINGE-ANNA-TORV-2010.html


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