John Waite Returns with New Release February 22 2011

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 A Return To Form For The Legendary British Rocker New album Out On February 22nd, 2011


First Single “If You Ever Get Lonely” Impacts Radio On February 1st

 Considering how big some of John Waite’s hits have been over the years, it’s almost easy to overlook how long and successful his career has been.

As the lead singer of The Babys in the 70’s, John Waite was the leader of a critically acclaimed and beloved live UK rock outfit, known for hits such as “Isn’t It Time” and “Everytime I Think Of You.”   As a solo artist in the 80’s, Waite landed massive hits with “Change,” “Every Step Of The Way,” “Tears,” “These Times Are Hard For Lovers,” and of course his #1 mega-smash “Missing You.”  In the late 80’s and into the 90’s he became the lead singer for Bad English who also scored several major hits including the #1 power-ballad “When I See You Smile.”  

And now, he’s returning with the strongest album of his career. Rough & Tumble will be released on Model Music Group/Fontana on February 22nd, 2011.

The album shows a new and fresh side of the British singer/songwriter’s creative output. Recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, Waite considers Rough & Tumble a new beginning for him. “I approached this project with an entirely different ambition musically than I’ve had in the past,” Waite commented. “It’s the first record I’ve made that I think is made up of singles.  All 12 tracks are contenders.  They’re all alive in their own way.  I’m not really sure what the energy is behind the songs, but there is a real kind of velocity in the album where we just picked up speed and kept going.  We just wanted to play and win.

A good portion of Rough & Tumble was written and produced in a sweet pocket of creativity enjoyed over the past year and a half with Matchbox Twenty lead guitarist/songwriter Kyle Cook, who Waite met through a mutual friend. “It’s pretty much extraordinary,” Waite says about the material he created for the new album. “It’s not like what people would expect from me. It’s a step to the left. There’s a rock imprint on the music and a melodic presence, but it’s just shifted gears. It’s an extreme record.  It has an identity and a philosophy of its own, which is really fresh for me.”

The Waite/Cook collaboration has proved to be nothing short of phenomenal, as evidenced by songs like “Evil,” a thumping rocker-meets-dance-club tour de force; “Better Off Gone,” a hook-laced better-off-on-the-open-road anthem; the deep groove-laden “Love’s Goin’ Out of Style” and the soaring magic ballad and first single, “If You Ever Get Lonely.” “I’m not saying it’s high art, but genuinely speaking, it’s fantastic for me,” Waite says, reflecting on his new music. “I certainly am interested in spending the rest of my life doing something creative rather than just living in the past.”

On Rough & Tumble, Waite also managed to keep the rougher live rock edge alive and well. The no-holds-barred, riff-ready title track and the driving renditions of “Sweet Rhode Island Red” (a Tina Turner number) and “Mr. Wonderful,” a new take on a hidden gem originally included on his debut solo album, Ignition, are set to shake heads during an upcoming US and European tour in 2011.

With Rough & Tumble, many will say “John Waite is back,” but the simple fact is he never left.


Rough & Tumble Track Listing

Rough & Tumble


If You Ever Get Lonely


Sweet Rhode Island Red

Mr. Wonderful

Further The Sky

Love’s Goin’ Out of Style

Better Off Gone

Peace of Mind

Hanging Tree


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