FAIRLY LEGAL Advance Pilot Episode Review, Premieres Jan 20 at 10 PM EST on USA Network

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Season One Episode One, Pilot Review
“Pilot” Airing January 20, 2011
FAIRLY LEGAL Thursdays at 10 PM EST beginning January 20 on USA NETWORK
January 16, 2011
By Lena Lamoray

FAIRLY LEGAL PRESS RELEASE: USA Network unveils its new Thursday night programming block with the premiere of its latest original scripted series FAIRLY LEGAL, on Thursday, January 20, at 10/9c, following the return of ROYAL PAINS in its new timeslot 9/8c. FAIRLY LEGAL stars Sarah Shahi (“Life,” “The L Word”)  Michael Trucco (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Castle”),Virginia Williams (“Revenge of the Bridesmaids,” “How I Met Your Mother”) and Baron Vaughn (“The Other Guys,” “Law & Order”). Shot on location in Vancouver, BC, the series will premiere with a 90-minute episode followed by nine, one-hour episodes. FAIRLY LEGAL centers on Kate Reed (Shahi), a top litigator who became frustrated with the endless bureaucracy and injustice she witnessed on a daily basis and decided to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator. Using her knowledge of the law, along with intuition and a whatever-it-takes approach to resolving conflict, Kate finds the middle ground for a wide variety of adversaries — from Fortune 500 corporations to bitter divorcees. After the death of her father, she finds herself at odds with her new boss, her stepmother Lauren (Williams)…and in bed with her soon-to-be ex-husband Justin (Trucco), himself a lawyer in the DA’s office. Helping her keep all of this chaos at bay is her trusted, geek-chic assistant Leonardo (Vaughn). Recurring guest stars include Richard Dean Anderson (“Stargate SG-1,” “MacGyver”) in the role of David Smith, a man who has a mysterious connection to Kate’s late father; Ethan Embry (“Brotherhood,” “House, M.D.”) portrays Spencer, Kate’s younger brother and a new father; and Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro, who has no tolerance for Kate’s lack of regard for the legal establishment. Other guest stars this season include Ken Howard, Peter MacNicol, Clyde Kusatsu and Anne-Marie Johnson. From Universal Cable Productions, FAIRLY LEGAL was created and is executive produced by Michael Sardo (“The American Embassy,” “Wings”) and executive produced by Steve Stark. Russ Bucholz serves as co-executive producer.

FAIRLY LEGAL “Pilot” Season One Pilot Review, Airing 1/20/2011

FAIRLY LEGAL premieres on USA Network this week with a special extended episode, so you get more than an hour to meet Kate Reed and the cast of “The Wizard of Oz” characters that make up her life. Kate has assigned everyone in her life their very own “The Wizard of Oz” themed ringtone and character profile. Her phone never stops ringing so you find out right away how she feels about the people close to her. Kate (Sarah Shahi), a former lawyer, is now a mediator because “in court someone is always a loser” and as a mediator she can work for both sides so no one loses out. The law is so black and white whereas she works in the gray and gets things solved in the best interest of all the parties involved.

Read the review:  https://lenalamoray.com/REVIEW-FAIRLY-LEGAL-PILOT-2011.html


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