JUSTIFIED Advance Review Season Two Premiere Wednesday 10 PM EST on FX

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Season Two Premiere Advance Episode Review
“The Moonshine War” Airing February 9, 2011
JUSTIFIED Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on FX
February 6, 2011
By Lena Lamoray

JUSTIFIED FX RELEASE: Developed by Graham Yost (Boomtown, Speed) and starring Timothy Olyphant (Damages, Deadwood), Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, including Leonard’s short story Fire in the Hole. Fresh off the epic gun battle that concluded season one, season two of Justified finds Bo Crowder dead, and the Crowder criminal grip on Harlan County broken. Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Olyphant) must now face off against the criminal organizations that are moving to fill the void, and finds himself entangled once again with the mercurial Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). The series co-stars Nick Searcy (CSI) as Givens’ longtime friend and boss ‘Chief Deputy Art Mullen;’ Jacob Pitts (21) as ‘Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson;’ Erica Tazel (Life) as ‘Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks;’ Joelle Carter (CSI: Miami) as ‘Ava Crowder;’ Boyd Crowder’s sister-in-law; and Natalie Zea (Hung) as Raylan’s ex-wife ‘Winona Hawkins.’ Walton Goggins (The Shield) also stars as ‘Boyd Crowder.’ Yost (Boomtown, The Pacific, Band of Brothers) wrote the pilot and serves as Executive Producer/Writer on the series. Leonard (Cuba Libre, Rum Punch, Get Shorty) is also an Executive Producer on the series along with Fred Golan (Boomtown, Raines), Sarah Timberman (Kidnapped), Carl Beverly (Kidnapped) and Michael Dinner (Karen Sisco), who directed the pilot episode. Justified is produced by Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions.

JUSTIFIED “The Moonshine War” Season Two Premiere Episode Advance Review, Airing 2/9/2011

JUSTIFIED returns this week and you know what that means, more action, drama, twisted plots and law being dished out by the best dressed ‘Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens’. Timothy Olyphant does such an exquisite job portraying Raylan. Even though it wasn’t, Timothy makes you think that the role was written just for him. When he walks into a room wearing that hat, which Elmore Leonard calls “The Dallas Businessman’s Special”, you know he means business. I am enthusiastic to welcome in the second season of JUSTIFIED on FX. “The Moonshine War” – “Raylan tangles with a ruthless Harlan County crime family while hunting for a fugitive sex offender. Story by Graham Yost and Elmore Leonard; Teleplay by Graham Yost. Directed by Adam Arkin.”

Read the review:  https://lenalamoray.com/REVIEW-JUSTIFIED-The-Moonshine-War.html


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