JERICCO Interview with Luke Halstead and Nice To See You is Out Now

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February 13, 2011
By Lena Lamoray

JERICCO Press Release: From the opening bars of the juggernaut that is their debut self titled EP, it was clear in 2009 that Melbourne based progressive rock outfit Jericco possess a sound and wisdom that is both ancient and eclectic in its origins. It is now 2010 and Jericco are back with their highly anticipated and brilliantly written second EP titled “Nice To See You”. This EP will be released Sept 17th and will contain many crowed favorites that the band have included in their set from time to time at the many sold out headline shows and alongside bands such as Karnivool, Mammal, Dead Letter Circus, MM9, Trial Kennedy and many more…Comprising five seasoned and highly respected players, the act features Brent McCormick’s distinctive vocal delivery of the band’s haunting lyrics, Roy Amar’s wandering bass lines and mystical Oud (Egyptian Lute), Luke Halstead’s Middle-Eastern inspired percussive grooves, Jordan Nagle’s wall-of-sound guitars and Fetah Sabawi’s imaginative programming and melodic keys. Sabawi joined the band on the back of his success with chart toping heavyweights Superheist and the critically acclaimed Revolucion Street with Mark Hosking from Karnivool. In two years Jericco have managed to cement their name in the national music scene. They have played to rave reviews, have sold out shows in Melbourne and Sydney and have played huge shows in most capital cities. The band’s live performances have gone from strength to strength, always aiming to out-do themselves. Jericco’s live show is a moving display of musical and technical prowess, delivered with emotion and substance. Every punter carries with them an unforgettable experience, spreading the word after every show. This passion for performing, not to mention a musical and technical prowess, has guaranteed more additions to a rapidly expanding fan base. Proudly independent and self Managed, Jericco have achieved all their successes through hard work and the loyal support of their fans. Adventurous and hard hitting, the recording is a sonic temple beckoning to be explored by any music lover, appealing to both rock instincts and primal Middle Eastern longings. Jericco’s ‘Nice To See You’ available physically and digitally from September 17, 2010 MGM Distribution.

The very intriguing LUKE HALSTEAD, drummer for the Australian band, JERICCO took some time out to chat with me about his band, life, the environment and so much more. Luke has confirmed the ongoing theory, if you want to hang out with the most exciting band member, hunt down the drummer. If you don’t believe me I have two words for you, JOE LETZ from COMBICHRIST. Luke reminds me of Joe in some ways, which makes him the best to converse with. Luke has such an incredible sense of humor and I think that is the most precious trait to posses. It helps you deal with anything that is thrown your way because throughout one’s lifetime things are going to get real and ugly and if you can’t laugh about it you will spend a good portion of your life wallowing in self pity and that gets you nowhere. Luke is awesome and so is JERICCO so read our exclusive interview and if you are lucky enough to be able to catch JERICCO live then do it. They are going to be touring with another Australian band that is near and dear to my heart, SYDONIA.

Read the interview:  https://lenalamoray.com/INTERVIEW-JERICCO-LUKE-HALSTEAD-2011.html


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