Devin Townsend Releases Free Five Song EP

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DEVIN TOWNSEND Releases Free Five Song EP; Issues Update on ‘Deconstruction’

DEVIN TOWNSEND has been one of the leaders of the progressive moment since he first picked up a guitar. He is held in the highest regards of metal fans around the world, as has been seen by the incredible fan fare that surrounded last year’s ‘Addicted’ and the touring that surrounded it. Now Devin has multiple albums and touring in the works for 2011 and is ready to kick things off.

First of all, a free five-song acoustic EP has been made available for download online. Featuring the tracks “Supercrush,” “Kingdom,” “Truth,” “Om,” and “By Your Command,” the EP can be downloaded at the following location.


DEVIN TOWNSEND is also hard at work on two albums that are slated for 2011 releases, ‘Deconstruction’ and ‘Ghost’. Below you will find a video update from Devin himself as he workd on the orchestral recording for ‘Deconstruction’. Check it out and be sure to catch DEVIN TOWNSEND on his upcoming European tour.



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