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Exclusive Interview with NICHOLAS GONZALEZ from OFF THE MAP

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I spoke with NICHOLAS GONZALEZ about his role in ABC’s hit medical drama, OFF THE MAP. Nicholas was so incredible to speak with. What a phenomenal and positively brilliant man. There is nothing better than a beautiful man with a fabulous sense of humor that can one up you in a conversation. I loved his playful sparring. It was so delightful to discuss literature, films, music, his characters and pretty much everything else with him. I have added a couple of his book recommendations to my must read list and even though he doesn’t trust my opinion, I will give his a shot. He had a good time teasing me about my show choices. Don’t let him fool you; “Rockaway” was a blah movie but he was great in it. One other thing about Nicholas, the man is smooth. I don’t think I have ever blushed or laughed so much during a phone interview. What an interesting and really sweet man. Do not miss NICHOLAS GONZALEZ every Wednesday night in OFF THE MAP on ABC.

Lena: How did you get involved in acting?

Nicholas Gonzalez: I started off just by being a lover of comedy and improvisation. When I was in college, just for the hell of it, I took an improvisation class and I fell in love with it. That’s the shortest story of it.  It opened up my interest and later on I started doing theater and I just kept up with it as a hobby. I never thought it would be something that I would do. I thought you had to grow up in Hollywood or something. When I graduated, I moved to L.A. to do theater and it ended up being the most beautiful mistake I ever made.

Lena: Do you like it in L.A.?

Nicholas Gonzalez: I do, I love it. I have a house in a great area. I really love it here.

Lena: I’m in Rhode Island and it is cold here.

Nicholas Gonzalez: What’s the temperature up there right now, in the 20’s?

Lena: Definitely. It’s raining and not snowing right now so I am very happy.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, that’s good. It’s currently 51 degrees and it’s raining. It’s weird for us, but it’s snowing in the mountains. I love skiing, so there will be a lot of great snow.

Lena: I watched “Rockaway” last night.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Why? I could have warned you. You should have gotten in touch with me and asked me what you should watch and I would have told you that is the last thing that you should watch (laughing).

Lena: It was on Netflix, instant streaming.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, well so is “Gandhi”, watch “Gandhi” (laughing).

Lena: (Laughing) I know but I wanted to see some more of your films. You were good in it.

Nicholas Gonzalez: No, please out of everything, wow.

Lena: No, I thought you were good in it. Some of the death scenes were really good, like the pool ball scene.

Nicholas Gonzalez: What?

Lena: (I’m pretty sure Nicholas thought I meant that he killed someone with his balls and that would not have been a shock in this movie). When you killed people with the pool balls?

Nicholas Gonzalez: (laughing) Right, the scene with the pool hall balls. Yeah, that was so bad. So bad, I can’t believe…..you didn’t sit through that whole thing did you?

Lena: Yes, why yes I did (laughing).

Nicholas Gonzalez: No….I don’t even think I did.

Lena: Yes, the bad guys were awful.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, the long haired guy couldn’t understand why he didn’t have my part. He was pissed the whole time. Can you believe that? (Nicholas did a priceless impression of the cheesy character, Juju from the movie). Anyway, so you watched “Rockaway” last night, which I apologize for. Send me the bill.

Lena: (Laughing) No, it was on Netflix.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, well you still have to pay monthly for that (laughing). It’s unfortunate because “S.W.A.T.: Fire Fight” is more bearable and that is coming out March 1st or something.

Lena: Yeah, I saw that on there. I will have to check that out. I loved the show “Mental” that you were on with Chris Vance. I was upset it only got one season on FOX.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, you know it was an amazing idea it just wasn’t very well executed. It really had a lot of great ideas but it would have been great to see more direction in the writing, but the ideas were there. There were some other ones coming up that if you honestly liked that show you would have really loved. There is this book called, “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti” which is this true mental health case where this doctor was doing experiments in the psychiatric ward. They had three guys that thought they were Jesus Christ. He placed them all in a room together and they started having psychiatric sessions with them all present. The interesting thing was how the three regarded that fact that well, if I’m Jesus Christ then how is he Jesus Christ. The one that got better was the one that first realized that, “we can’t all be Jesus Christ”. They had these amazing sessions where they talked about their delusions and it’s one of the most fascinating things because it’s a true story. It would have been so amazing because we talked about doing something like that with three really good character actors interacting with Chris.

Lena: What was it like working with Chris Vance?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Chris is a very creative dude, he’s extremely dedicated to what he’s doing. I think he’s a bit of a perfectionist, like me, so it can be tough but he’s extremely talented. He is a very giving actor.

Lena: It’s always good to hear that.

Nicholas Gonzalez: But even better was Steven Bauer who played my dad. He was awesome. Steven Bauer, Manolo from “Scarface”. Yeah, he was a riot.

Lena: I read that you are an avid reader and quite brilliant, I must add. What are some of your favorite books and do you have any recommendations for me?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, you seem to be a very intelligent woman, so I will tell you, Milan Kundera, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. It’s one of these books that I come back to every couple of years and read it again. It has a lot of different meanings to me. I was recently, given as a gift, “The Prophet”. I haven’t read that in forever and I don’t think I was ever in the right place to read it but I read it and now it’s something that I kind of pick up daily. I just read little blurbs on live and love and the pursuit of more life. One of my favorite books to recommend and it’s just such a joy to share with friends because they will send texts of quotes from the book and once you have read it you can share the experience. It’s called “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”. It’s a great title and it’s written by Christopher Moore. It’s really funny, brilliantly sarcastic and relevantly reverent. The book resurrects an angel named Biff, a guy who used to be to be Jesus aka Joshua and he talks about, you know what happens when he was born, you know what happened when he was crucified but I’m going to tell you what it was like growing up with Josh. It is hilarious. You know just how much Christopher Moore knows about the “Bible” to write this book. He pokes a lot of fun but at the same time it’s a riot. I definitely recommend, “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”. I want to hear what you think of it, I want you to let me know. I love recommending that book. I’m also reading “The Good Soldiers”, a Pulitzer Prize Winner (by David Finkel). It’s about some of the guys that were first in Iraq and what it’s like coming back and all the problems. It’s beautifully written, poetic prose, you know. It’s such a beautiful book but heartbreaking.

Lena: It is so awful, what is happening to them.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, they are there for all of us and they are the ones paying the price. It’s ridiculous.

Lena: Oh yeah, everyone just throws them to the curb when they come back.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, it’s like Vietnam all over again. It’s crazy but without the openly spitting or anything, they are just ignoring them.

Lena: Yeah, that’s horrible.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Anywho.

Lena: Yeah, what a downer, I’m sorry.

Nicholas Gonzalez: From that bright note. You are awesome, Lena.

Lena: You finished second in the World Poker Tour Celebrity International in 2009. What does it take to be an incredible poker player and do you find that your acting skills come in handy?

Nicholas Gonzalez: I get asked that a lot and I think to be an incredible Poker player, which I am not, it takes a lot of hours and a mind for it. People who are good at chess and people who are good at paying attention for long periods of time and taking mental notes, those are some of the excellent Poker players. Those are the people that can really get into people’s psyche. Does acting help with that? Maybe it helps you on breaking down a character and understanding people a little bit and that depends on how well you are paying attention and what kind of acting you are doing. Like the kind of shit I did in “Rockaway” (laughing), no. I think it definitely doesn’t hurt but it’s not all about the bluff. It’s about playing people against themselves sometimes and excellent Poker players, which I’m not, know how to do that.

Lena: Yeah, I can pretty much play Uno, so that is my card playing ability.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, hey, Uno can be extremely annoying when someone really knows how to play well and they switch it around four cards, double reverse, put down blue, double zero. Yeah, when someone is really good I hate it. It’s so annoying.

Lena: Well, I’m not really that good. It’s just the only card game I know how to play.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, well that’s just laziness (laughing).

Lena: (Laughing) Yeah, I know, I’ve always been just awful at cards.

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Nicholas is still laughing at me, I’m glad someone finds my lack of card playing skills entertaining. He is lucky he’s cute.)

Lena: You’ve played so many different characters. Can you talk about some of your favorite roles?

Nicholas Gonzalez: For me, favorite characters have to go hand in hand with favorite experiences while doing them. I remember certain characters fondly for that. They may not have been the most well known but I remember the time in my life. One of my favorite memories is playing Santiago on “Resurrection Blvd.”. It was my introduction to this town, my introduction to this business and it was acting class all rolled up into one. I was surrounded by really great veteran actors who really cared. They have been in the business, up and down and we were given this story about a family and we really cared about it. Everyone really cared about everything. One of my other fondest memories was my character on “Law & Order: SVU”. I played a detective running around the streets of New York in costume. It was such a joy and so much fun. I love that city and I love working in that city. I love New York and I love being there on someone else’s dime. It makes it even more enjoyable (laughing). I have to say those are probably the highlights of being an actor.

Lena: I love “Law & Order: SVU” and it seems like every major star has been featured on it.

Nicholas Gonzalez: They can get anyone they want. They have such great stories and the producers are all great. I had such a great time doing that. It would be so great to go back. That’s how they are getting everybody. They are not paying everybody a big price to come on. I think everybody gets the same amount, strangely enough but they do it because people want to be on that show. It’s so good.

Lena: It’s sad that they cancelled the original “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: C.I.” is almost done. It only has one more season.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, yeah. It will be played to perpetuity  in syndication.

Lena: One of my readers wanted me to ask you: “How much time will you be spending with your shirt off in “Off the Map” because it’s killing her husband?”

Nicholas Gonzalez: You know, not enough, not enough I have to say. I was working out, getting ready and the shirt has been on a little too much; but you know those ladies in costume got me those nice gauzy shirts. They are a little clingy sometimes, so it is just hinting at it, being such a tease (laughing).

Lena: You do have a very beautiful physique.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, that is very sweet.

Lena: What do your workouts consist of?

Nicholas Gonzalez: My workout is simple, it’s CrossFit. Have you heard of CrossFit?

Lena: No, I haven’t.

Nicholas Gonzalez: You have to look it up. It’s not the easiest thing to explain. They have it on a sound bite on the site. I wish I could remember but it’s essentially really intense movement through a variety of different movements both with weights and body weight. It covers everything from pull-ups to pushups and dead lifts. It is all of the kinds of things that weightlifters do to simple things that gymnasts do. It is all packed into less than an hour. It offers amazing results. My sixty three year old mother does it, my sister does it, my father, my brother and one of my best friends owns a gym. It has just taken over the world. It is everywhere now. It’s very simple and there is not a lot needed to do it and it takes very little time and provides amazing results. I’m in better shape now than I was in my twenties.

Lena: It sounds similar to what Terry Crews from “The Expendables” does.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh that guy, wow, yeah I think that’s also a lot of natural genes as well. I don’t know if that is what he does. It’s kind of like the stuff they did to get ready for 300, minus airbrushing their abs on (laughing).

Lena: (Laughing) You did an animal rights campaign For PETA. (The captain read, “If you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear fur”.) Thank you for standing up for my furry children. I have two chinchillas and a bunny and we certainly appreciate your support.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, you are welcome. Oh, really. That is so sweet. You know they are a great organization. I had a lot of unsure feelings when they approached me because I said I was from Texas and I eat meat, I wear leather boots and I think there is a picture of me at Sundance in a Shearling jacket. I was very concerned. I asked them, I love your organization and I want what’s best for endangered animals and animal cruelty but I’m not across the board someone who’s a vegan and to that point. I seek out ethically treated animals that are not treated with drugs or hormones or over stuffed to get them prepared for slaughter. I’m against that and outspoken about that; but I was a little worried about appearing hypocritical and they assured me that they were much more concerned about the fur trade and that kind of thing. The little dog in the picture with me is Jack. His actual full name is Jack Tickles and he belongs to a good buddy of mine named Josh Warner.

Lena: Do you have any pets?

Nicholas Gonzalez: At this point, I have a little dog named Jack living at my house because I just moved my sister out from Texas. She’s living with me now and she brought Jack along, which has been great. I have not had a dog in awhile.

Lena: What kind of dog is it?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Jack is a Maltese.

Lena: Cute little dog.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, I’m more of a big dog person.

Lena: Yeah, so am I. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane. People always laugh at me when I mention that.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yes, my friend has two Great Danes and a Bordeaux.

Lena: Aww, are they friendly?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh yeah, super friendly and really big (laughing).

Lena: Yeah, people always laugh at me when I tell them what kind of dog I want because I’m pretty little.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, you are. How tall are you?

Lena: I’m five feet.

Nicholas Gonzalez: You are five feet? That is so cute. I love it.

Lena: Yes, I could just ride the Great Dane around like a horse.

Nicholas Gonzalez: One of my favorite ex-girlfriends was five feet tall.

Lena: It stinks being so short, though.

Nicholas Gonzalez: No…

Lena: I’m a concert photographer, too and when I go to the front of the stage, I’m usually the shortest person and it makes it a bit harder for me to reach the stage, to take pictures. So, yeah, that stinks.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, I bet.

Lena: How did you initially get involved in working on “Off the Map” and how has your experience been so far?

Nicholas Gonzalez: You know, it’s the funniest thing that everyone keeps on asking me that. I don’t know what kind of story they are expecting. They called me in to audition. I read the part where Mateo and Lily meet at the cantina and I frigging loved it; and thought it was super cute and romantic. We were laughing and the writers and the producers in the room were laughing right along with me and it was this amazing thing that happened. I got the call later that I had the job. That’s pretty much how it happens for everyone. Unless, it’s something where you are offered the part but what is the point of mentioning that anyway. You know, who cares?

Lena: Sometimes there are cool stories wrapped around it, right?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, yeah as far as they called me and I went in, in a Wolf Man costume and sang “Hungry like the Wolf” by Duran Duran. They thought I was funny, so I got the part, like that?

Lena: Yes, that is perfect.

Nicholas Gonzalez: There is not one like that unfortunately; for that one (laughing).

Lena: Well, we can make one up.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, you can make one up for that, you have my permission (laughing).

Lena: Okay (laughing). On the most recent episode of “Off the Map”, Lily takes a cab to visit Mateo and discovers his special garden. What are your thoughts on that?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, what are my thoughts on that? Well, I don’t want to spoil it but it obviously becomes a problem for the two of them. I think a lot of viewers still don’t realize; what that means. Mateo’s crop is cocaine and he is a law student. What does this really mean? I don’t think I can really say, yet.

Lena: What is the proper terminology to describe what Mateo does? Would you call him a farmer?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Hum, I don’t think there really is a way. He truly is a law student. That is not a lie. I think he is a person of the land and his family has had this land for hundreds of years and I think the crop was probably the same. He doesn’t have a silk suit in the closet and drive a Porsche. He’s not in living in the lap of luxury. He’s just a farmer.

Lena: And he got shot, too.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yes, he got shot because the cop was messing with my sister. What would you do?

Lena: Yes, and are they going to give you a nice scar in the show?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, you were supposed to see it when I did the whole thing in the waterfall but it was a little too dark there. I don’t know if you will get a chance to see it again.

Lena: Can you talk about the relationship between Mateo and Lily. Do you think it would ever work especially now that she knows everything about Batman and his Batcave?

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Laughing) It’s interesting because I think we are just finding out about Lily and don’t know what it is that she is looking for. I think she is obviously the center from which all the love of the show is coming from. You see her commenting on everyone’s story. She’s involved in so many of the stories and even though she is qualified as a doctor; she is still kind of a voyeur like the rest of us and watching the bigger things going on around them. I think she is looking for love and feels like that is where it can go with Mateo but how much are we willing to overcome cultural differences and moral and ethical disagreements? That really comes into how the relationship continues.

Lena: That is quite an interesting relationship.

Nicholas Gonzalez: I like them together and I like their chemistry and I’m not even talking about the show. I love working with Caroline. I just never feel like I need to act. She is so loveable. She is a talented actress and so giving as a person. I completely see that in Lily and I don’t find it difficult at all to fall in love with her each week.

Lena: It must be difficult to work with actors that you don’t really mix well with; that are just kind of dead?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, like on “The O. C.”

Lena: I’ve never actually seen an episode but I will take your word for it. That must have made it hard for you.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, well there are harder things in life for people but, yeah (laughing).

Lena: “Off the Map” is filmed in Hawaii, so what are the pros and cons of filming there?

Nicholas Gonzalez: The only kinds of cons of working in Hawaii; I can’t even say that the distance is a con because I love being away and feeling like I was out of The States. Even though I was still in The United States it still felt like I was a world away. I’m going to hold onto the con for a second because I can’t think of one right now but as far as the pros; I mean the weather is incredible, beautiful sun, beautiful beaches but the biggest thing for me in all complete honesty are the people. I was so afraid Hawaii was going to be like some American cruise ship that just exploded on an island. It has its areas like that like, Waikiki but even then the people are just incredible. They are high spirited and welcoming and even when they are reticent to talk, there is a certain beauty in that, too. There is a pride in the people there and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it and I had friends that were from there that introduced me to their friends and family and that meant a lot. They are just really beautiful people.

Lena: Your cast mate, Rachelle is very fair skinned like I am. What kind of sunscreen do they use on her? I’m always looking to advance my sunscreen options.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, she’s got some of the great ones, the designer stuff. Me, I’m kind of a Neutrogena guy. You have to put the 70 (SPF) on your face. That’s great. She’s got some of that designer stuff. I would not even know what to tell you. It’s expensive, stuff. She gets all the good stuff.

Lena: Yeah, I use Neutrogena, too. Rachelle has gorgeous hair, too.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, her hair is incredible. It’s the kind of hair you grow up hating. Yes, she is absolutely captivating and that hair. She could be bald and her spirit would still shine through. She is just an incredible individual.

Lena: I hope that Martin Henderson and his family and friends are safe due to the earthquakes in New Zealand.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yes, he is the first person I thought of when I saw that, too on the news.

Lena: That is awful.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, it is but I’m sure he is okay. I will have to look into that. I don’t know. I think that most of his family is still there. I know he lives over here but I don’t know.

Lena: Obviously, you have wrapped up filming the first season of “Off the Map”. Hopefully, we will get a second season.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yes and hopefully the show will come back and they will welcome me back, as well. I don’t really know how everything is going to go and they won’t really find out about a second season until May.

Lena: What do we have to look forward to from Mateo for the rest of the season?

Nicholas Gonzalez: There is definitely more drama and one of the really fun things is that Mateo’s momma is going to enter the picture.

Lena: Ah, that could spice things up a bit.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yeah, she is definitely funny. There is a little bit of comedy in there and there are some tender scenes that I really enjoyed shooting that I can’t wait to share. They are probably about three episodes away, or so. I’m really anxious to see them again since they were such a joy and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.

Lena: Oh, very good. What do you like doing on your downtime?

Nicholas Gonzalez: I’m a big wine lover and I’m a big lover of meals. I love to invite people over and cook. I just love feeding people. I will go out for meals, too. I go to my local restaurants. I’m just a big eater (laughing). It’s just one of those things and then travel. Travel, is something that I love to do. Obviously, I’m a reader and CrossFit takes up some time, too. I also like to be with my family whenever I can. They are a few hours away on a plane flight but I try to make it when I can.

Lena: That’s sweet. What are some of your favorite television shows, video games and music?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Ah, video games have been awhile for me. The “Call of Duty” ones, running around like “Halo”, those are the ones that I loved but I sold my Xbox last year so I could just get outside and live and do things with real people but those are lovely games. Music, you know, I’ve been kind of grooving on some, Mumford & Sons. Mumford & Sons has got to be my band of the year. Mumford & Sons are just incredible and The Black Keys are amazing. Still, there is always one album that I always have with me, that I always listen to and that is an album by a friend of mine, Brett Bixby called “City Lights”. It’s just soothing music with great lyrics and beautiful guitar. Movies, I’ve been watching a lot of those, “You Can Count on Me” and “Lovely & Amazing”. I have not seen any in the theaters but I really enjoy watching some of these ensemble films with really great scripts. They may not have been very successful or huge films but just watching some of these actors. It’s funny because I don’t think I’ve studied it in a long time or have really appreciated the performances like I do right now.

Lena: What was the last concert that you went to?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, last concert? Gee, I think it was Ray LaMontagne. It was Ray LaMontagne and David Gray. Everybody was wondering why Ray LaMontagne opened for David Gray. It should have been the opposite because obviously they were Ray LaMontagne fans but David Gray was incredible. I was there to see Ray but David stole the night. It was an amazing concert and I think it was at The Greek Theatre.

Lena: I love theatre shows.

Nicholas Gonzalez: It was incredible. We had a bottle of wine and listened to some music, it was incredible.

Lena: You went to see “The Pee-Wee Herman Show”. How was that?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh yeah, that was great. A buddy of mine, Jesse Garcia was starring in it and I went to support him and it’s a show that I grew up on. I used to watch that as a kid and grew up on all the movies. It was fun. It was a great night. I’m really happy that he was able to take that to Broadway, as well.

Lena: I loved that show, too. You and I are the same age and I watched that growing up.

Nicholas Gonzalez: You and I are the same age? How old are you?

Lena: Yeah, thirty five. We are both old right (laughing).

Nicholas Gonzalez: Really, your voice is so young.

Lena: Um, thank you (laughing)?

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Laughing) I know right, what does that mean.

Lena: (Laughing) Yes. It sucks after twenty one, right.

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Laughing)
Lena: What projects do you have coming up?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Um, you tell me, I would love to know (laughing). More than anything right now, it’s pilot season so it’s pretty crazy. It’s just meeting after meeting right now and so many auditions and pilots are passing right now so that’s kind of my main job right now. There is a movie that I have in development with two friends of mine called “Columbia Avenue”. The director, Mel Rodriguez and the producer Damiano Tucci became very good friends of mine through this project. It’s been a labor of love of mine recently. I’m in the movie but I also produce stuff and write. I would like to write more. I don’t write enough. We will see. It is always exciting to know that you have no idea where you are going to be next week. Not exciting when you are trying to figure out how you are going to pay your mortgage next month; but exciting in life.

Lena: Yes, and shows can get cancelled. You played a boxer, didn’t you?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Yes, a few times. The first one was in “Resurrection Blvd.” and then I played it again on, oh god, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, way back when. Then I played one on “Ghost Whisperer” and probably a few other times besides those.

Lena: Do you watch that boxing show, “Lights Out”?

Nicholas Gonzalez: I haven’t. I’ve heard mixed things about it.

Lena: I like it but a lot of people don’t.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, you liked “Mental” so you can’t be trusted (laughing).

Lena: (Laughing) It’s nice. They do a good job.

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Laughing) You are so sweet.

Lena: Oh, thank you.

Nicholas Gonzalez: (Laughing)

Lena: I was looking for a Facebook or Twitter page for your fans and I could not find one. Do you have one or do you enjoy your privacy and don’t want to bow down to the social media age?

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, all of that but unfortunately I still have one. I don’t have a fan page. I have one for my personal friends and family. I don’t have a fan page but there are some out there but none that I handle personally. It is a great way to stay in touch but then it is hard to remove yourself from it. It also hurts when you have fans that want to add you and they say some of the sweetest things and you’re really moved but I also share so much of my own private life on there; that is just kind of my business and my friends and I always feel bad when I have to turn someone down. I think people get confused because there are so many actors on there that just want to get as many numbers as they can and they post things to them and I am not really that guy.

Lena: It can be creepy and it has to be really hard for actors. I don’t know how you do it.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, there is a lot of other shit that makes it easy to deal with, you know. The paycheck makes it at bit easier, so yeah.

Lena: Do you get approached a lot when you are out with your friends by people being nice or…

Nicholas Gonzalez: You know, it all depends, it occurs in waves. Sometimes depending on what I am working on; it will just be a nonchalant thing. Other times, it won’t happen for awhile. Most people are always nice about it. When I was boxing doing “Resurrection Blvd.” years ago; I had people that would challenge me to a fight (laughing).

Lena: (Laughing) Oh, no.

Nicholas Gonzalez: They were trying to show off to their friends but it has all been really great. It’s just so amazing that something you do in a studio in the valley reaches people and actually moves them. Even when you are doing some shit that you wouldn’t expect and sometimes it’s just a paycheck. You hope you enjoy doing some of it but the fact that even that can move someone or make them look at life differently or be happy; that blows me away.

Lena: Okay, I think we covered everything. Is there anything that you want to add, maybe a message to your fans? Perhaps something I didn’t cover that you want to talk about?

Nicholas Gonzalez: No, I think you did an amazing job.

Lena: Thank you (laughing). You are very easy to speak with.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Seriously, so are you. I really enjoyed that, actually.

Lena: Thank you. I’m very shy.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Oh, you don’t sound it, at all. You sound really cute.

Lena: (Laughing) Thank you but trust me, I am really shy.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Well, hopefully we see each other sometime and you will come over and say hello. Okay?

Lena: I’m sure. I will get your article up before the next airing of your show (“Off the Map”). It has been a complete pleasure, speaking with you.

Nicholas Gonzalez: Thank you, that is really sweet of you. Bye, bye, sweetie.

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