LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Advance Review RISPETTO Season Premiere Sunday May 1 on USA Network

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Season Ten Premiere Advance Episode Review
“Rispetto” Airing May 1, 2011
April 23, 2011
By Lena Lamoray

USA NETWORK PRESS RELEASE:  DETECTIVES GOREN AND EAMES FAREWELL SEASON TO FANS PREMIERES ON A NEW NIGHT “LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT” BEGINS SUNDAY, MAY 1.  Emmy-Nominee Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe Return for the Tenth and Final Season; Executive Producer Chris Brancato Joins the Series and Veteran Actor Jay O. Sanders Joins the Cast as Captain Hannah. Guest Stars include Neal McDonough, Jeri Ryan, Andrea Roth and Jay Mohr.  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, USA Network’s hit original scripted series, will return for its final farewell with eight all new episodes on a new night, Sunday, May 1 at 9/8c.  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, produced by Wolf Films and Universal Cable Productions, created and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, was developed by René Balcer.  Shot entirely in and around New York City, the third installment of the “Law & Order” franchise takes viewers deep into the minds of its criminals while following the intense psychological approaches by the Major Case Squad.  The final season of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT features the long-anticipated return of Detectives Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe). A tribute to the passionate fans, the show will take viewers to new heights with intrigue and crime-solving as never before. Terminated for insubordination a year ago, Detective Goren has been reunited with his long-time partner at the behest of new Major Case Captain Joseph Hannah (Jay O. Sanders), a friend of Goren’s since Academy days.  In addition to plunging into colorful, dangerous mysteries, Goren has mandatory sessions with brilliant police psychologist Robyn Widrow who will ultimately help him unravel his tortured past, and chart a course in the right direction.  Each week, viewers will be taken through sizzling, sexy episodes of murder and provocative themes, such as: a beautiful female banker whose sole client was the Catholic Church; an adventuresome rogue who may be the country’s best cyber-warrior; a woman who was blackmailing a wealthy, tabloid-fodder “bad boy.”  Guest stars this season include Neal McDonough (“Boomtown,” “Band of Brothers”) as a Monsignor who has been a driving force for good works of the Church, starting soup kitchens, orphanages, and cancer wards; and Jeri Ryan (“Leverage,” “Shark”) as Naomi Halloran, a former CIA official who has started a private security company worth hundreds of millions.  Special guests also include Andrea Roth, Jay Mohr and Adrian Pasdar.  Chris Brancato joins as executive producer and showrunner for the tenth season of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.  Brancato has written for “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Boomtown” and “Beverly Hills, 90210,” has served as a consulting producer on the Joss Whedon series “Tru Calling;” and as co-executive producer on the critically acclaimed series “Boomtown.”  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT had a strong ninth season, delivering 3.60 million total viewers to the series on Tuesdays in 2010.  LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT is a Wolf Films production in association with Universal Cable Productions.  Dick Wolf, Peter Jankowski and Chris Brancato are executive producers.

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT “Rispetto” Season 10 Premiere Advance Review, Airing 5/1/2011

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT returns with a gratifying season ten premiere that welcomes back the one and only, Vincent D’Onofrio as Detective Robert Goren and the ageless, Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames.  Vincent and Kathryn reprise their beloved roles as Goren and Eames beautifully and seamlessly.  Jay Mohr guest stars as Nyle Brite, a fashion designer.  I have always been a huge fan of Vincent’s and I can never turn the television off when one of the older episodes of LAW & ORDER: CI comes on.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of them at least five times and it doesn’t hurt that they are repeated on so many different networks.  The fans of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT made it their priority to get the dynamic duo of Goren and Eames back and if everyone tunes in and watches this season perhaps we will not have to say goodbye.  If the premiere episode represents even a fraction of what we will see this season, then get ready for an incredible run.  I believe that we are going to be treated to one of the strongest seasons ever of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT and please do your part and watch because if the ratings are strong enough than perhaps the dreaded swan song will not be sung. “Rispetto” – After a young call girl is murdered, investigation leads Goren and Eames to a hard-partying, “rockstar” fashion designer extraordinaire.  Would the fashion house’s key members stoop to murder to protect the runaway train wreck who makes them all millions?

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