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Jon Lajoie Live May 19, 2011 Comix at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT

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If you are not familiar with Jon Lajoie than you should be ashamed of yourself first off but also I’m a bit jealous because your virgin ears are about to be titillated by saucy little numbers like “Show Me Your Genitals” and “High As Fuck”.  Once you hear them you will never be able to get them out of your head.  He has a gift for writing songs that you can’t scrape off of your brain.  Jon performed “High As Fuck” live and it was incredible.  One of the reasons why I am a huge fan is because he can actually sing.  Most comedians that incorporate music into their acts are mediocre musicians at best but Jon has an astonishingly strong vocal prowess.  I cover a ton of professional mainstream bands and he could take them all on and come out the victor.  I could listen to him sing all day and he isn’t bad to look at, either.

Yes, he is handsome, too so I would like to take a moment to thank Canada for this gem of an entertainer.  I don’t think we take the time to thank Canada enough so yeah, thanks Canada because without you we would not have anyone to show our genitals to.

I really enjoyed Jon’s performances of “Everyday Normal Guy” and “Show Me Your Genitals”.  He even sported his signature attire for both numbers.  I really think that Jon has the “Superman” gene in him because talk about a quick changer, a couple of snaps and MC Vagina was in the house.  I can’t get enough of that “Rocko’s Modern Life” fashion, you know if Rocko the wallaby actually wore pants and changed the color of his shirt.  It’s the casino cruise wear of the century and MC Vagina makes it work.

Jon is also the star of hit show, THE LEAGUE on FX.  He plays the one and only, Taco.  When you bring up THE LEAGUE to anyone all they do is talk about how much they love Taco.  I can’t agree with them more because Taco is the best thing to happen to TV since Tom Selleck’s moustache.

The only disappointing thing about the show was that it wasn’t my birthday so I didn’t get to partake in “The Birthday Song” love but hey, my ass will be another year older soon enough.  I do also wish Jon performed “Radio Friendly Song” but perhaps next time.

One thing I really have to mention is that I’ve been to several comedy clubs and Comix at Foxwoods is by far the nicest.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house and the staff was professional and extremely friendly.  I sincerely recommend it to everyone that wants to see a show in a friendly and intimate setting.

You really need to see Jon Lajoie live because he is fabulous and he even takes the time to greet his fans after the show.   I will warn you though, get ready to shake the softest hand ever.  I have no idea what Jon uses but I have never felt such a smooth hand.  I should have asked him but that would have been too weird, even for me.  Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Jon and his show.  He is such a nice and incredibly talented gentleman and he deserves your support.  Do yourself a favor and see him live and pick up his new CD, “I Kill People”.  He will be featured in season three of THE LEAGUE this fall, so your Taco fix will be satisfied soon enough.


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