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COMBICHRIST Live May 6, 2011 at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

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COMBICHRIST is never a letdown live and this show was no exception.   Andy LaPlegua is a marvelous front man and made the most out of this very intimate setting.  I loved watching the Norwegian powerhouse slither across the stage.  Andy was so full of charisma and he enthralled the audience with his menacing grins.  The crowd ate it up and demanded more and he gave it to them.  Andy looked like he just walked off the set of “Amityville II: The Possession” with his bloodshot contact lenses which were eerily erotic.  Don’t even get me started on his accent.  I could go on for days about that beautiful Norwegian accent.  Sometimes you can’t really hear it but on this occasion it was very prominent.   Andy clearly knows how to dominate a crowd and I had the bruises to prove it.  The crowd was insane and the club didn’t have a photo pit so, I stood against the stage the entire night and got slammed around and ended up with bruises that looked like I was involved in something that required a safe word but it was worth it.

Joe Letz is and will always be my favorite drummer and if you have to ask why then you obviously have never seen him play live.  The man is a monster behind the kit with the incredible physique of a magical unicorn.  FYI, Joe always channels the spirit of a unicorn prior to each gig so what you are witnessing on stage is ninety five percent Joe and five percent unicorn mojo.  Now if that doesn’t equal a tremendous show, I don’t know what does.  Seriously, Joe is incredible and is a unicorn enthusiast.  He always has at least one unicorn stuffed animal sitting on his drum kit.  Make sure you bring at least one unicorn offering to Joe at any COMBICHRIST show and perhaps he will show you his horn. *Whether or not Joe will show you his horn will be at his complete discretion.*   I’ve been friends with Joey for years and he is honestly one of the nicest people that you will ever meet.  I can only describe him as a walking cartoon.  He’s fantastically animated and wacky.  You will never meet another person quite like him.  Thanks Joey, for being so unique and lovable.

Trevor Friedrich is an incredible percussionist and the “lady killer” of the band.  He is a very pretty man with the sweetest rosy cheeks but on stage you would never know that.  He covers himself in makeup and his playing is primal and animalistic.  He climbs all over his drums while maintaining perfect precision.  If I didn’t see it for myself I would never have believed it but Trevor and Joe were on opposite sides of the stage and they threw drum sticks at each other that they caught and played with, without missing a beat.  Now that was amazing and I even captured it in a photo.  Trevor and Joe have amazing stage chemistry and they are always taunting each other.  At show Trevor has been the recipient of Joe’s drums being tossed at him and he takes it in stride.  Of course, Joe always gets a taste of his own medicine and Trevor will return the favor.  Stage hijinks are the best and proof that the band really loves each other.

Abbey Nex is the latest addition to the band.  I guess after having Wes Borland on stage with them they realized how much a live guitarist can add to their sound.  Abbey was great and he looked like he stepped out of a Tim Burton film.  He’s very creepy and lanky, therefore he fit in perfectly.  Z Marr did a great job, as usual but he was hidden behind everyone so I really didn’t even see him.

I saved the best part for last, COMBICHRIST had a guest star on stage that night and his name was Ken Susi.  You may know Ken from such bands as UNEARTH or as the man in the cowboy boots, either way he is all crass and flash and that is why we love him so.  Ken exposed his Rock God guitar playing and dick face to the masses.  Don’t get mad at me because Trevor was the one who drew an actual dick on his face, complete with balls, so there you go.  Ken Susi was awesome and I think he should join COMBICHRIST as the band’s little oddity that is unleashed in all mega guitar player emergency situations.  Doesn’t every band need one of those?

I really enjoyed the show.  It amazes me how much they have grown over the years.  COMBICHRIST made their fans happy and played a set full of older songs but I have to say, the highlight of the night was when they performed their new hit, “Throat Full of Glass”.   Go and see COMBICHRIST live on tour with RAMMSTEIN and they are doing intimate club shows, as well.  Check out their latest album, “Throat Full of Glass”.

BROKEN NECK LULLABY opened the show and they had their own thing going on.  They are starting to develop quite a fan base in the New England area.  Ben Tourkantonis and T.S. Moth are my favorite members and the best showmen in the band.

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