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RIZZOLI & ISLES Angie Harmon Interview, Detective Jane Rizzoli

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I spoke with ANGIE HARMON about RIZZOLI & ISLES.  If you enjoyed the first season, just wait until next week.  Season one ended so intensely that I had to ask Angie about it.  It was such an honor to speak with her.  Season two is equally explosive. You are not going to want to miss it.  I’ve always been a fan of Angie’s work and a couple of my favorite shows that she has starred in are “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”   Watch Angie as Detective Jane Rizzoli in the Season Two Premiere of RIZZOLI & ISLES on TNT.

Lena Lamoray:  The premiere was fantastic. I want to talk about the season finale which was absolutely incredible. Can you talk about what was going through your mind and what it was like filming that final dramatic scene?

Angie Harmon:  Sure. I mean, you know, as an actor you love when your character does something heroic like that. You know, and especially the fact that, you know, with Jane it was just a gut reaction. You know, it wasn’t something that she was planning or, you know, it was just spontaneous with her.  It was just, you know, oh my gosh it’s either, you know, I – she either does something or her brother dies. So that’s what she did. And, you know, I mean as an actor and, you know, a narcissist, you love being able to play things like that.  And, because you can only hope actually that you would be able to live up to that same standard if the stakes, you know, were as high for me. I mean I hope that I would be able to do something if it was between me or my kids.  You know, you naturally think that you would dive headfirst in front of a bus for them. You know, and I just hope that I would be the same way, have the same standards, you know?

Lena Lamoray:  I loved the way that they filmed that scene.

Angie Harmon:  Yeah. I loved it too. I mean to be very honest, we did it in one take. And, you know, we were all very proud of ourselves. You know, Michael Robin is a great director and he had three cameras going and we shot it in three different speeds. And we did one take.  And, you know, Palladino and I were just – we were on cloud 9. The fact that, you know, the President of TNT, Michael Wright, happened to be there when we shot it which is like icing on the cake. We were – I mean we basically just walked around like peacocks like did you see what we just did?  We did it one take. We were amazing. You know it just – it was great. The lighting was perfect. Our DP’s fantastic. You know, Michael as a director was just brilliant in setting it up that way. And, you know, as actors we just sort of did what we were supposed to do.  And everybody just brought their A game. It was great.

More Conference Call Interview Highlights:

Q:  So when we first come back in Season 2, we see that Jane isn’t quite herself and I’m wondering how much this impacts her throughout the season if there are repercussions sprinkled throughout.

Angie Harmon:  Yeah. I think one of the fun things about this season is, you know, we definitely have more layers in our characters and in our relationships. You know, Jane obviously found out something about herself at the end of Season 1 and, you know, this season she’s, you know, you see more cracks in the armor if you will. You know, she learns, you know, that she does – she isn’t just tough and she isn’t just a badass. You know, she has inner strength and, you know, there’s power in that. You know, she’s also, you know, she’s always going to be the Boston homicide unit’s own personal rottweiler. I mean that’s just who she is.  But we also I think, this season, we get a glimpse into the human side of her, you know, her emotions, her love, her vulnerability, her fragility. You know, I mean all of those things that actually make up human beings. And it’s been a blast to play.

Q:  You mentioned her vulnerability and fragility. Does any of that have to do with the fact that her friend may have a thing for her brother?

Angie Harmon:  No. No. This is more, you know, in – what’s going on in Jane’s life. You know, more as a, you know, her – Casey Jones comes back and, you know, that’s the high school sort of – the one that got away. I mean I think we all have one of those. I mean I know I do.  That, you know, it was – you had such a huge crush in high school, you know, but were too shy to do anything about it. And he feels the same way about her and comes back and, you know, I think that was so interesting.  You know, if you put your head in the minds of these characters, you know, they started out as, you know, kids that were attracted to each other and now, you know, with their future wide open in front of them he’s become a Lieutenant Colonel.  You know, she’s the only woman in the homicide unit. You know, I think that’s so interesting in watching them, you know, act with that, you know, that sort of thing now. That’s who the are as adults. I think is fascinating and awesome.  Obviously, you know, Jane’s emotional reaction to what goes on with her parent, the emotional reaction to her little brother coming back. I mean no, it’s – those are the things that you get to see. You know, what – who she is and what she’s made of.

Q:  Jane’s brother Tommy comes back, Colin Egglesfield’s character. When does that happen and what’s their relationship history?

Angie Harmon:  I think Tommy comes back in Episode 203. And, you know, it’s – as you can imagine, I mean Jane’s the oldest of three and, you know, her and Frankie are all about, you know, doing good and helping society and, you know, she’s a homicide detective and Frankie wants to be one as well and Tommy’s in prison.  So, you know, I mean you can imagine how they feel about him.  You know, obviously he’s the baby. He never does anything wrong and, you know, he’s – there’s the whole, you know, back story to all of that. And it’s interesting. I mean I have three and I watch the way they act with each other, excuse me.  And so it’s been able – it’s been fun to sort of incorporate that into their relationships, you know, Jane and Frankie and Tommy.

Q:  Does Chris Vance as Major Jones come back after Episode 1 because he’s heading off to Afghanistan at the end of the episode?

Angie Harmon:  No. Regrettably. Jane’s heartbroken. He – I don’t know if we get him back this season because he had to, you know, go and get Transporter and be a fantastic actor and, you know, now I hate him. No, I’m kidding. I love Chris. He’s…I think that – I think Chris will definitely be a welcome addition in the seasons to come. I mean obviously Jane is – she’s not ready to settle down quite yet. So, you know, we’ll see what happens. I like to watch Jane go through, you know, the sort of sloppy, messy dating thing, you know, but…So far no, he’s the only one.

Q:  How about green prospects on the set as far as being more eco-friendly? Do you have anything that you guys are doing as far as conserving, saving water, saving paper, all that kind of stuff?

Angie Harmon:  Yeah, absolutely. I mean I think every production office is doing everything that they can. You know, we recycle all of our scripts. We recycle all of our paper. You know, one of the things that’s kind of hard for me is that we’re doing scripts front and back as opposed to just, you know, one page.
It’s a real difficult thing to try and figure out where to put those pages. You know, but yeah, we – everything is recycled as much as possible. I mean even all the way down to Craft Services. We have, you know, a bin for, you know, everything that’s plastic and everything that’s…I mean, you know, I mean it’s just a way of life now. I don’t think it’s – I don’t know. I mean to me it’s not that shocking anymore. I mean of course there are three different trash cans. You know, plastic goes in one, glass goes in another, biodegradable goes in another and that’s just a habit now.

Q:  And at home, do you encourage the girls to be more aware with recycling and stuff like that?

Angie Harmon:  Absolutely. I mean they’re seven, six and two. So, you know, I mean there is only so much you can do that they understand. But, you know, the basics are there. I mean they do understand, be kind to our planet.  We have to, you know, preserve Mother Earth and, you know, make sure that, you know, she’s there for her – for them to enjoy when they grow up and all of that.  And they know not to waste water and, you know, turn it off when they’re brushing their teeth and, you know, all that stuff. I mean it’s sort of – it’s just habit now. It’s just sort of second nature. It’s not really new to them anymore.

Angie Harmon Interview, Detective Jane Rizzoli
RIZZOLI & ISLES Monday Nights at 10 EST, Season 2 Premieres July 11 on TNT
July 4, 2011
Lena Lamoray

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