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BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE Bruce Campbell & Matt Nix Interviews

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MATT NIX and BRUCE CAMPBELL spoke with us about BURN NOTICE and BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE in the press room at COMIC-CON 2011.  Bruce looked as handsome as ever and Matt is one of my favorite creators because not only has he enriched our lives with BURN NOTICE but we also got to enjoy one season of THE GOOD GUYS.  BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Pick up your copy and don’t miss BURN NOTICE, Thursday nights only on USA Network.

MATT NIX Interview


MATT NIX:   In the entertainment industry it’s always like it’s not happening, maybe it’s happening and then it’s happening NOW and that was very much the process.  It was literally up in the air and then we had to work on the deal.  I got a call that they really needed the outline in six or seven days.  It was going to start raining in Columbia soon so if we wanted to get there to shoot, I had to start writing.  We also wanted to talk to Bruce and find out creatively what he wanted to do.  We wanted to make it fun for the fans and answer questions about Sam’s past.  We also wanted to set up this season.

Sam Axe relating to people:

MATT NIX:  For me it was really about two things, it was kind of about Sam learning how to do that and Sam starting out not as a guy that had that kind of connection to people.  Over the course of the movie he goes from being a guy who is kind of just doing a job to being a guy who is really going to put his ass on the line for his friends.  In the movie what I unsuccessfully and successfully did was give him some friends so he had Ben (RonReaco Lee) the doctor and Beatriz (Ilza Rosario), from this little group in Columbia.  He starts off not really being their friend and not really being the Sam that we know and love now and over the course of the movie coming to a point where he realizes oh no, that is really who I am, that’s what I am all about and that’s how I am going to live my life.  It’s an important dynamic for the character.  The challenge with the movie and I knew it going in was that it’s got to be the same and it’s got to be different.  It can’t just be another episode of BURN NOTICE that would be a problem and if it’s not just another episode of BURN NOTICE that would also be a problem.  You kind of have to split the difference somehow and just hope that it lands.  I was excited about what we were doing.  The good thing for all of us is that we were able to navigate by the stars of the show and what we wanted to do and who were these characters really.  It wasn’t like we were operating in a vacuum, so whatever else might be true for the movie it is important for this show and it is important for Sam’s character.  I want people to love it but even if they don’t love it and love the show, it’s part of the show.  It’s something that was important for us to do for the characters.


The origin of Chuck Finley:

BRUCE CAMPBELL:  It was a short throwaway bit but you can’t make a huge deal out of it.  It just happened at the last minute.  I like where it comes in, it comes in at the last minute.  It comes randomly out of nowhere and I was satisfied with that.

If Kiele Sanchez will show up in BURN NOTICE and if she is too young for Sam:

BRUCE CAMPBELL:  She’s got her own damn show, “The Glades.”  She’s like the hell with you guys.  No, she’s just right.  No, I don’t know, you can decide if she’s too young for me.  I’ll let my wife decide that.

Why we should buy the DVD:

BRUCE CAMPBELL:  The making of, it’s a non-making of.  I’ve never seen a non-making of like this.  Get the DVD and you will find out.  I’m all over it like a cheap suit.  It’s special because you have never seen it before.

Being on Twitter, it is official follow Bruce Campbell: @GroovyBruce

BRUCE CAMPBELL:  It is official and some people don’t believe it.  I just needed to get with the program and get with the modern world.  I gave it the groovy name because of the EVIL DEAD movies.  The fans seem to like that.


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