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SONS OF ANARCHY invaded COMIC-CON and fans could not get enough of Charlie Hunnam.  People were screaming at Charlie proclaiming their love for him.  Charlie took it like a champ and just smiled and politely said thank you.  I have to agree with them because as beautiful as Charlie is on-screen, he is even more stunning in person.  I think we should all take this time to send Kurt a thank you note for not only sharing his vision with us but for assembling the best cast in television history. The panel consisted of Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter.

Season four will begin fourteen months after the finale so the boys will be leaving prison.  This season we will really see Jax’s commitment to his family.  Charlie discussed how Kurt works him “like a slave.”  Kurt promises “more fucked up things this season.”  The boys will be back on home turf and are “big fish in a small pond but the pond is polluted.”   Kurt enjoys hurting Otto every season.  I can’t wait to see what he has planned for Otto.  What else could he possibly do to him?  We are talking about Kurt Sutter so the possibilities are endless.

Charlie decided to cut his hair to get him in the proper psychological place and to make it as realistic as possible in prison.  He thought it would be best to live more primitively and he spent time visiting a prison.  Prison focuses on uniformity and there is no way that he would be allowed to enter prison or would ever want to enter prison with his long flowing blonde locks.  Charlie would definitely be the prison beauty queen even with short hair.

A fan asked Kurt a question about there being “gangs from the future.”  Everyone laughed and Kurt assured us that there would be no gangs from the future.  I guess SONS OF ANARCHY will not have a sci-fi episode.  Perhaps next season Kurt will clone the boys and they will battle mutant Tigs?  I have no idea why when I think about a sci-fi episode I automatically make Tig the mutant, sorry Kim Coates.

Danny Trejo will be part of a Mexican based crime organization.  I love Danny Trejo so I am excited to see him in SONS OF ANARCHY this season.

Charlie was asked if he prefers drama over comedy and he prefers drama.  He brought up a movie that will be coming out that he did with Ron Perlman, “Frankie Go Boom” where he and Ron Perlman are lovers.  Ron’s character is a woman who used to be a man.  That is not a joke and I would like to pre-order my tickets for that masterpiece right now.

Every season Kurt outdoes himself and season four already sounds incredible so now all we have to do is wait patiently until September 6th.  Do your part and support this superb show and the brilliant cast that brings it to life.  Season 4 of SONS OF ANARCHY premieres September 6th on FX.

July 24, 2011
Season 4 of SONS OF ANARCHY Premieres September 6th on FX
Photos & Press Panel Coverage by Lena Lamoray


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