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SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Out”

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“Out” SONS OF ANARCHY Season 4 Episode 1 Advance Review, Airing 9/6/2011

SONS OF ANARCHY finally returns Tuesday night and I have to say that I have missed it dearly.  Kurt Sutter knows exactly how to make you forget that you are watching a television show because after watching just one episode you feel like an actual resident of Charming.  I know I’m not the only one that feels this way and who wouldn’t want Jax (Charlie Hunnman), Tig (Kim Coates) and the rest of the beautiful folks of Charming to be their neighbors?  You know you would be taken care of and all Charming needs is the “Ghostbusters” to take up residency and your ass would be taken care of no matter who or what decided to mess with you.  I know Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker) is dead but if there was one person that would haunt Charming, my money is on her.  My hat goes off to Ally for adeptly portraying such an inhumane character.  FX series are known for their brilliant villains that give their heroes exactly what they need to make weekly televised masterpieces, R.I.P. Mags Bennett from “Justified.”  This season of SONS OF ANARCHY will not be without the proper amount of opponents to keep things exciting and the distressed inner workings of the club are sure to make this the most compelling season yet.  “Out” was written by Kurt Sutter and directed by Paris Barclay.

I think it was a very wise decision to push the season ahead and have it begin the day the boys are getting out of prison.  I know that they certainly could have pulled off an entire season in prison and made it interesting but it would have interrupted the flow a bit and at least the lovely, Maggie Siff didn’t have to commit to an onscreen pregnancy. It was a bit of here’s the baby, YAY!  I think it was a fantastic move and everyone came out ahead including us because we didn’t have to witness any of the scenes between Clay (Ron Perlman) and Juice (Theo Rossi).  Watch the premiere and you will understand what I am talking about.  Otto (Kurt Sutter) also got a special delivery in prison so everyone came out ahead.

“Terriers” fans get excited because there is a new badge in town and his name is Eli Roosevelt, played by the one and only, Rockmond Dunbar.  Rockmond was incredible in “Terriers” and I have a feeling that he is going to blow our minds this season in SONS OF ANARCHY.  The moment he appears onscreen you know things are going to get real and he lets his presence be known.  There is a lot of measuring going on in Charming.

I’m happy to report that things are looking up for my favorite character, Chucky (Michael Ornstein) thanks to Gemma (Katey Sagal).  I don’t know what it is but Chucky always makes things a little better.  I hope we get to see him a lot this season.

Assistant United States Attorney Lincoln Potter, played by Ray McKinnon has set up shop in Charming and he has big plans.  When you first see him you don’t know what to think and he uses that to his advantage.  His interactions with Roosevelt give us a little insight into what he is all about and also establish a background on Roosevelt.  Our good friend, Jacob Hale (Jeff Kober) also makes an appearance and I was sick of his politics last season so this season in no different.  He’s such a creep and I am guessing that he isn’t going to make it to the season finale this year.

A meeting is held in The Chapel and Clay voices his opinion on how things went down while they were away.  We get an intimate look into the “freak circle” that consists of Tig, Juice and Happy (David Labrava) and you can file that into things you can never unlearn.

Gemma pays a visit to an old friend and finds him living like a “rockstar” and luckily one of them is holding.

Jax and Tara finally find some alone time to talk and don’t worry because you will really enjoy the reflective aspect of it.  If you have watched any of the previews or any of the episodes last season, you will already know that Jax wants change in every aspect of his life and I think this is the season that we are really going to start seeing that push.  Jax insists that he is done with SAMCRO and the original bond of love and brotherhood has turned into fear and greed.  Jax wants to be “a real family” with Tara, Abel and baby Thomas.

What is better than a wedding, a ton of things but Opie (Ryan Hurst) and Lyla’s (Winter Ave Zoli) wedding is sweet and nice excuse for a celebration.   Jax and Tara win the award for the cutest Best Man and Maid of Honor combo.  The dancing was cute but I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see Tig get down because if there is one man in the group that I think can really dance, that would be Tig.  You know Tig can do the splits.  The wedding gifts are a bit unconventional and Juice has to find some better hobbies.

The end of the premiere connects us back to the beginning and it sets up what I think will be a pretty thrilling season.  I loved the new additions of Rockmond Dunbar and Ray McKinnon and you can look forward to Danny Trejo and Benito Martinez coming up in the near future.

Enjoy the extended Season 4 Premiere of SONS OF ANARCHY Tuesday, September 6th at 10 PM EST only on FX.

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