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SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Family Recipe”

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“Family Recipe” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 8 Advance Review, Airing 10/25/2011

Tonight’s Sons of Anarchy episode is season finale incredible but we still have five more to go, so I can’t even begin to imagine how this season is going to wrap up.   Chucky (Michael Marisi Ornstein) provides some much needed comic relief and proves that he is the Master Chef without even having to enter a cooking competition.  “Family Recipe” – An important club vote gets side tracked when SAMCRO is forced to deal with dangerous external threats against the club.  Written by Dave Erickson and Brady Dahl; directed by Paul Maibaum.

Last week was the hardest week for Juice (Theo Rossi) fans as they had to watch him gather up a chain and make his hardest decision ever.  Again, I have to praise Theo on his amazing job last week.

Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) is the king of unwelcomed visits and this week he makes a couple of them.  He voices his concern and you want to dislike him but in the end he is genuinely concerned and is just being forced into corruption by Linc Potter (Ray McKinnon). Roosevelt just wants Charming to be a safe place and honestly, as much as we love our boys, they are murderers, gunrunners and drug mules, so who is really in the right.  They are official bad boys and not the typical ABC Family bad boys but real FX bad boys.  FX certainly turns out some naughty boys and that is why we love them.

I love it when Tig (Kim Coates) uses the term “jackass.”  Yes, I have gotten over the bunny incident and I have fallen back in love with Tig.  The way he proudly parades around with Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) purse just seals the deal.  Tig knows exactly who he is and he’s not ashamed of it, sometimes he should be though.

Everyone meets up in the Chapel for a new president vote and you know Piney (William Lucking) is not just phoning this one in.  Things are just beginning to get underway but they are forced to deal with a more important issue that threatens the club and everyone involved.  Chucky really comes through again for the club in this episode that has a bit in common with a Joe Pesci film. You’ll understand when you watch it.

Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Roosevelt exchange words and Gemma is not shy about sharing her own comical take on the situation at hand.  I also believe that Clay (Ron Perlman) is a closet Prince fan.

You know things are not going great when even Happy (David Labrava) is “running out of ideas.”  Luis (Benito Martinez) stresses the severity of situation.

Jax’s conversation with Opie (Ryan Hurst) puts light on the fact that he really had no idea what he was getting into.  I don’t think Jax is that stupid, I think that he was just looking at the big picture and failed to think about all of the “little” things in between.

Chucky spends most of this episode in the kitchen making chili for the fundraiser. At least we know that Gemma thinks of Happy and knows exactly how he likes it.  I love that we get a highly anticipated, “I accept that” from Chucky. I love Chucky and he is a comical genius in this episode.

Clay has a chat with Elliott Oswald (Patrick St. Esprit) at the fundraiser and no matter what you think of Clay, you have to give him credit for being a smooth talker.  He is the king of speeches.

I love how when things get hairy Jax wants to know where Pedro is.  You’ll understand when you watch it tonight.

I’m not going to go into detail about anything else that goes down but I can promise you that you will be taken on an emotional journey tonight and it is going to take you a bit to come to terms with the events before you.  There are several painful conversations and events that take place and even though you saw them coming, it doesn’t make them any easier.  It is a fantastic episode that will change the club forever.  Don’t miss Sons of Anarchy tonight on FX.

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