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JUSTIFIED “Guy Walks Into a Bar”

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This week on Justified, Quarles (Neal McDonough) tells Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) exactly what he is going to do to him.  Quarles certainly doesn’t hold anything back and I do mean that sincerely, you’ll see.  The ending says it all.  Quarles is one sick, sick, sick man.  That being said, this is my favorite episode for Quarles because you get to see a side of him that you haven’t seen before.  “Guy Walks Into a Bar” – Raylan struggles to keep Dickie Bennett in prison while contending with an increasingly violent and unpredictable Quarles.  Boyd’s Harlan election comes to a head.

Shelby’s (Jim Beaver) quick thinking demonstrates exactly why he should be in charge.  He knows people and a “solid idea” when he hears one.  Boyd is impressed but also warns him about the bigger picture.  I’ve always liked Shelby, so I’m glad they decided to bring his character back this season.   You can never go wrong with Jim Beaver, but of course he will always be Bobby Singer to me.  I miss him on Supernatural but since it’s Supernatural he could return at any time.  Pay attention for another Supernatural guest star in this episode.

Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) have a conversation that brings one of them to say, “That’s awful nasty.”  My favorite campaign manager, Harvey Jones (Ezra Buzzington), steals the scene with his inquisitive and beautifully painted face.  I’ve always been a fan of Ezra’s work, so to have him on Justified is a great honor.

Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies) is playing the victim card, yet again.  Raylan has to do the one thing that he admits he is a failure at to help keep him locked up.  Yes, Raylan isn’t spectacular at something, so please adjust your notes accordingly.  Judge Reardon (Stephen Root) and Raylan’s descriptive conversation about Dickie is hilarious and it fits him perfectly.

If there is one thing that you can always give Boyd credit for is always having a plan no matter what.  That is part of what makes Boyd Crowder so fascinating, and of course I didn’t forget about his amazing hair.  He is always the man with the plan and he never gives up, even in the face of failure.  Boyd should be required to say “conquistador” in every episode.  Everyone is doing their part to help out with the election, even Arlo (Raymond J. Barry).  There is a “now you know” moment regarding pineapple juice that would make even the hardcore Psych fans blush.

Raylan shares a frosty drink with a special someone that could hold the key to victory.
An interesting conversation erupts regarding shades and professions.  The writing on this show is so sharp and witty, and their ability to perfect the dialog by injecting humor at the most appropriate and unexpected time speaks volumes of why this series is so successful.

Neal McDonough owns this episode, hands down.  Quarles is the perfect villain, although Mags (Margo Martindale) can never be beat in my book.  Quarles does offer himself up as a formidable opponent.  He looks Raylan directly in the eyes and tells him exactly what he is going to do to him.  You have to give Quarles points for at least being honest.  Quarles is the Charles Manson of killers, one look into those crazed eyes of his and you know exactly what notch he is on the crazy meter.  He is also a really big South Park fan. Think back to that Jennifer Lopez episode and it will all make sense.  Quarles really lays it all on the line, while he is simultaneously doing them.  I know, I haven’t told you anything that you didn’t already know about him but more is revealed and you have to see it for yourself.  It’s a daring and exquisitely beautiful moment.

This is probably my second favorite episode of the season, so far.  We learn more about Quarles, the pig slaughtering industry, Raylan’s weakness, Harlan politics, and so much more.   Raylan also accepts the things that he can’t change and moves on with his life, a “win-win” for everyone.  Don’t miss this exciting episode of Justified, Tuesday night on FX.

Season 3, Episode 10 Advance Episode Review
“Guy Walks Into a Bar”
Airs Tuesday Night, March 20th at 10 EST on FX
March 19, 2012
By Lena Lamoray

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