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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Premiere Advance Review “Strange Brew” TNT

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Franklin & Bash are back, and they’ve still “got your back” when it comes to quality summer television.  If you enjoyed the first season of Franklin & Bash then I really don’t have to convince you to come back for another dose of awesomeness, but it never hurts to fall in love with Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) all over again. Season Two Premiere – “Strange Brew” – Peter and Jared to go all out to get a beverage executive as their next client but as usual bad luck is not far behind and could cost them this client as well as a possible promotion. Peter is smitten with a police officer.

Season two begins with the boys in court but Jared (Breckin Meyer) apparently drew the short straw, or perhaps it was his payback for being a surfer, as Peter (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) so politely and calmly points out.  Hasn’t poor Breckin apologized enough for Garfield?  Does everyone still have to torment him?  I have a feeling that this wasn’t the first time that he was put in a perilous situation with a malfunctioning lever.  That is just a demonstration of the gifted minds that write this show and think of new and ingenious ways for the boys get into trouble and navigate around said trouble.  How could you not love this show?  Jared’s response to what “almost” went down and Peter’s follow-up to that response will have you thinking, “Yes, the boys are back.”

A friend had an altercation with a police officer that could cost him his job, so he went to the boys for assistance.  Jared and Peter agree to help him out and things in the courtroom take a “slippery” turn.  Peter unleashed his inner “animal planet” and “Spartacus” to prove a point.  The only thing that I would have changed about the courtroom scene is that I would have insisted on the hat.  It’s a shame that “Spartacus” will be ending after this season because Mark-Paul would have made an incredible gladiator.

Do Peter and Jared have what it takes to land a high profile client?  That’s exactly what Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) wants to know.  Jared and Peter have to let their morals ride in the backseat if they want to please their client, Larry Reynolds (Kevin Nealon).  If you know anything about Peter and Jared you know that they have huge hearts, unlike their Grinch associate, Damien Karp (Reed Diamond).

“Strange Brew” is certainly a nice start to the season, and it immediately reminds you how much you have missed these boys.  You get to see Peter and Jared with some color on their faces and in some pretty sweet attire, though not a repeat of the pilot, sorry ladies and gentlemen, but still pretty classic.  We get some insight on Pindar (Kumail Nanjiani) and what happened in his past.  Don’t miss the premiere of Franklin & Bash, tonight at 10pm (EST), on TNT.


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