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JUSTIFIED Advance Review “Where’s Waldo” FX

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Everybody loves Raylan (Timothy Olyphant); that is his gift and his curse.  In tonight’s episode of Justified – “Raylan finds himself facing off against a dangerous family who has been struggling to keep a dark secret hidden from everyone outside of their circle; Boyd encounters an eccentric preacher who routinely works with dangerous snakes.  “Where’s Waldo” – Written by Dave Andron; Directed by Bill Johnson.

Ellen May (Abby Miller) is easily swayed by fake money and a promise of forgiveness but Ava (Joelle Carter) reminds her of a few things.  Ava certainly has the market cornered on soul saving.  I love Ava! Ava and Boyd (Walton Goggins) should put out a line of t-shirts with their words of wisdom on them.

Art (Nick Searcy) shares his advice on what is good for a marriage.  He also makes a great case for a new show, Marshals Gone Wild.  What would we do without Art’s special brand of humor?  I can’t wait to give his unit of measurement a go.  We also find out what really does it for Art.

Boyd expresses his views regarding religious institutions.  He throws around the c-word.  Boyd and Shelby (Jim Beaver) have a difference of opinion and flex their geometrical muscles to prove it.

I will never look at raccoons the same way again thanks to Randall Kusik (Robert Baker).

Ellen May has a brief chat with Cassie (Lindsay Pulsipher Crystal from True Blood) while she is waiting for Preacher Billy (Joe Mazzello).

Raylan, Art, and Tim (Jacob Pitts) work together to locate Waldo.  While they are waiting for a lead they fill Raylan in on the current office pool.  When they finally find what they are looking for the pleasantries stop.  I feel bad for the gentleman that got the “maybe that one” phrase thrown at him.  He didn’t deserve that.  Rylan proves that he is great with children.

Boyd stops by the church and has an insightful conversation with Preacher Billy.  Boyd is the king of the episode.  No one owns a room like Boyd Crowder.  How I have missed Boyd.  I’m glad Walton stopped by to hang out with The Sons.  I still can’t stop talking about Walton’s guest starring role on Sons of Anarchy as Venus Van Dam.   That was legendary.

An old favorite returns and is made an offer that he’s unsure of because of a trust issue.  “I don’t even trust the way that you just said I can trust you.”  He also knows something that the other party is unaware of.

Tonight’s episode sets up some pretty juicy plots. The expression on Raylan’s face at the end of the episode says it all.

Don’t miss Justified, tonight on FX.

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