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Tonight, it’s time to say farewell to our beloved 30 Rock

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2013-01-31-01.51.50-pmThe Final Season: Jack’s Office

Tina Fey gives the ultimate insider’s tour of Jack’s office set.

Ask Tina: We Went to There

Tina talks about the end of 30 Rock and why it had to end.

Ask Tina: Rapid-fire

Tina answers, like, a billion questions. Rapid-fire style.

Maroney Out

Jenna’s headed for LA – and she’s not looking back.

Idle Hands?

Jack know’s when Liz is restless, even if she doesn’t.

Needy Tracy

As the new network president, Kenneth apparently can’t help Tracy out anymore.

All Access

Liz uses a secret power to neutralize Jonathan.

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