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Hannibal web series and a preview of tonight’s episode on NBC

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Hannibal Fans rejoice – now there’s even more to savor with Bryan Fuller’s newly released web series, “Ceuf” which explores Hannibal Lector’s relationships with Abigail Hobbs and Will Graham.  Below, you’ll find all six parts, as well an all-new preview of this week’s delicious new episode!

Ceuf Part 1

Bryan Fuller intros “Ceuf,” a web series exploring Hannibal Lecter’s relationships with Abigail Hobbs and Will Graham.

Ceuf Part 2

Alana Bloom and Dr. Lecter discuss what’s best for Abigail Hobbs.

Ceuf Part 3

Dr. Lecter tries to peer inside Will’s troubled mind.

Ceuf Part 4

Dr. Lecter encourages Abigail to face her past.

Ceuf Part 5

Dr. Lecter employs a radical treatment on Abigail Hobbs.

Ceuf Part 6

Dr. Bloom is outraged to discover Dr. Lecter’s treatment  of Abigail Hobbs.

PREVIEW: Pushing Too Hard

Pushed to find a killer, Will loses his cool.

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