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‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ clips – Elijah Wood, Grant Bowler, & Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Maniac-2012Elijah Wood Found An Emotional Video Game

Elijah and Jimmy talk about the new game “The Last of Us” and Jimmy asks Elijah about his work on the new season of “Wilfred” and in the film “Maniac.”

Fake Video Game Covers with Elijah Wood

Jimmy and Elijah showcase some of the cover art from the games they developed together in the past, including “Milk Glug” and “Nickelbackup.”

Grant Bowler Identifies As Auziwi

Jimmy asks Grant about his New Zealand-Australia identity crisis and the relationship between the show and video game version of “Defiance.”

Video Game Week: Call of Duty: Ghosts Demo

Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin lets Jimmy, Elijah Wood and Grant Bowler test drive the newest installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Despair

Music guest Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform “Despair” for the Late Night audience.

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