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SONS OF ANARCHY Dayton Callie “Unser” Interview

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SOA-Comic-Con-11Dayton Callie discusses the new season of Sons of Anarchy.  Dayton reflects on the good old days of Charming and how things have changed.  Don’t miss the season six premiere of Sons of Anarchy on September 10th on FX.

A normal life:   

Dayton Callie:  I always believed Charming, when we started, that the situation in Charming worked just fine.  They had their club and they kept the peace.  I think Unser always thought that we could go back to normal.  It’s all this other crap that is coming in and they are not handling it right.  I think he always believes that the town can get back to normal.  I think that he has always tried to steer it that way.  Unser got involved in a lot of domestic stuff with Gemma and things like that, but he’s always had an eye on the outside and the big picture, too.  I think he can see the club getting out.

Tara’s biggest allies this season:

Dayton Callie:  I love working with everybody.  I think that’s one of the good things about my character, for me Dayton, is that I get to act with everybody.  A lot of them only interact with each other.  I’m more or less kind of friends with everyone, so Kurt gets my character involved with everybody.  We get along really well.  She’s [Maggie Siff) great.

Unser being the moral center of the show:

Dayton Callie:  I agree with that but I don’t look at it that way.  As a character, I have to think that he’s doing everything moment-to-moment and situation-to-situation.  I think he would like everybody to shut up and sit down and behave.  He would love to go back to the way Charming was when the show first started.  He doesn’t do the things that these maniacs do.

Power changes:

Dayton Callie:  He’s lost a lot of his power but he still has some useful connections.  He still has old friends at the different police stations and counties.  It’s a new challenge.  How does Unser get along with this new environment?  It’s almost like changing schools – going from junior high to high school.  You just have to go and figure it out.

 Deadwood cast reunited: 

Dayton Callie:  I’m close friends with all of them, so it’s fun to have them come on as long as them don’t call me Charlie Utter.



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