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‘Parks and Recreation’ clips – Ron Swanson web exclusives

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1376397_10152251757022598_1915123160_nRon’s Worst Nightmare – After a day of attempting to get off the grid, Ron accidentally Vines a selfie.  Watch an all-new episode of Parks and Recreation tonight on NBC.

Ron’s Journey – Leslie gives Ron a treasure hunt for his wedding present, which leads him to the greatest gift of all.

Ron Wants to Buy a House – After finding his favorite whiskey distillery in Scotland, Ron decides to buy the nearest house to heaven.

Ron at the Distillery – Leslie sends Ron on a scavenger hunt across the U.K., leading him to his own personal heaven: his favorite whiskey distillery.

Andy at Stonehenge – During his trip to London, Andy Dwyer visits the legendary Stonehenge.

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