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Dylan McDermott and Paul McCartney ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ clips

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1384157_208666649311272_304266905_nPaul McCartney Invented the “Selfie” – Jimmy digs up some classic photos of Paul McCartney and asks him to weigh in on them.

Paul McCartney: New – Music guest Paul McCartney performs the title track, “New,” off his new album for the Late Night audience.

Paul McCartney: Save Us – Music guest Paul McCartney performs “Save Us” off his album, “New.”

Dylan McDermott Has History with NYC – Dylan talks about visiting the bar his father owned for the first time in 30 years.

Dylan McDermott Wanted to Rock and Roll – “Hostages” star Dylan talks about some of the great concerts he saw as a kid, including hitchhiking to see Kiss.

Paul McCartney: Lady Madonna – Paul McCartney performs The Beatles classic “Lady Madonna” for the Late Night audience.

Paul McCartney Has a New Album – Jimmy asks Paul about his new album’s cover art and why he chose to work with multiple producers.

Paul McCartney Concerts Are Trippy – Jimmy asks Paul about a piano trick at his concert and Paul talks about how he and Keith Richards became closer.

Paul McCartney: Song Writing 101

Paul talks about the different ways he writes music, including his trick for writing songs on “New.”

Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney Switch Accents – After bumping into each other, Jimmy and Paul realize they’ve switched accents, and Paul isn’t happy about it.

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