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‘Parks and Recreation’ preview clips – Watch back-to-back episodes tonight on NBC

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1392069_10152365819157598_1038312456_nWe have not one, not two, not three… but SEVEN new Parks and Recreation previews for you below. Don’t forget to catch two new episodes back-to-back on Thursday night, starting at 8/7c!

The Leslie Knope Emotional Support Task Force

Ben and Ann do everything in their power to keep Leslie from freaking out over the recall vote.


Leslie stages an emergency filibuster to keep Jamm from jamming things up and spoiling her recall vote.

Return of the Andy

Andy returns from London for a surprise visit.

Tom Kross

Tom goes all-out for Ben’s ’90s-themed birthday party, and to impress his new girlfriend, Nadia.

Hunting with Ron

Ron discovers the difference between video games and real life.1378028_10152326680507598_648775444_n


Leslie tries to organize a haunted house and avoid being preoccupied with her recall vote.

Ron’s in Bloosh

Ron discovers that his homemade chairs are being featured in a popular lifestyle blog.

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