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‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ clips with Liam Hemsworth from ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

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1396006_475630945883540_1306918084_nMake sure to catch all the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon highlights below. Jimmy races cooler scooters with Liam Hemsworth and talks SNL with Bobby Moynihan (keep your eye out for a surprise visitor), plus musical guest Sleigh Bells performs.

Liam Hemsworth Grew Up with Weapons

Jimmy asks Liam about growing up and the rivalry he has with his brother, Chris.

Liam Hemsworth Barely Survived Five Finger Fillet

Jimmy asks “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star Liam Hemsworth about nearly losing a finger trying a popular knife trick.

Cooler Scooter Race with Liam Hemsworth

Jimmy and Liam race around the halls of Late Night on some high speed cooler scooters.

Bobby Moynihan Injured Himself Shooting SNL

Bobby tells Jimmy about a fall he had while shooting a piece for SNL, and Jimmy asks about Bobby’s character on the new show “Chozen.”

Bobby Moynihan’s Friend Shows Up

After talking about the new Saturday Night Live cast members, Bobby gets a surprise from his good pal Taran Killam.

Sleigh Bells: Minnie

Music guest Sleigh Bells performs “Minnie” for the Late Night audience.

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