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ceBGColorTypeTonight on American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) attacker is revealed and she becomes a bit Bowie.  “Head” – Fiona (Jessica Lange) looks to form an alliance with Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett). Nan (Jamie Brewer) learns a disturbing truth about Luke’s (Alexander Dreymon) past. Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Howard Deutch.

Last week on American Horror Story: Coven, Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) ran into Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) and Madison (Emma Roberts) while she was out heart shopping for Marie.  She warned them that war was coming and they were going to lose.  Luke’s mom Joan (Patti LuPone) made him get clean from the inside out, but that didn’t save him from what was coming.  Misty (Lily Rabe) showed Fiona what she was made of.  Spalding (Denis O’Hare) saved Fiona.  Even in death Spalding has her back.  I adore Spalding.  Fiona was finally proud of Cordelia.  And it all ended Seven style.  What a week it was.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t go Saturday Night Live style before the end of the season.  There are a couple of men still around to make that contribution.

We are brought back to 1991 to share some special moments with young Hank (Josh Hamilton).  You get some insight into why he is what he is.  It will all make sense.  Is he more than just a man on the inside?  I can tell you that Hank clearly didn’t get the memo.

iceTypeFiona stops by to see Marie for a wash and set and to discuss forming an alliance.  Do you think Marie is alliance material?  “I can live with that.”  This scene is brilliant.

Myrtyle (Frances Conroy) discovers a new use for a kitchen utensil and dishes on her key lime pie.  She quickly takes credit where credit is due.

Cordelia gets her vision back, but at what cost?  It has been great watching her stand up for herself.  She’s certainly not done laying down the law.

Are outlet malls your thing?  You may not want to brag about your savings to a rich witch.  Just in case he’s tuning in – Bon Jovi, you may want to sing over this episode because it may sting just a bit.

nullTEXTMadison has an opinion on everything and she makes no exceptions.  How dare those sick people being all sick and stuff.

Jamie shines as Nan in tonight’s episode.  Why can’t Nan be the Supreme?  Nan discovers something in Luke’s past that doesn’t sit well.  Those scenes with Luke’s mother last week were very disturbing. There are several monster moms in this series.  I guess that adds to the charm.

Queenie has a very interesting sidekick.  She will learn.  Was it wrong for her to turn her back on the coven?

Kyle (Evan Peters) expressed his love for Zoe last week.  Tell me that didn’t make you tear up a bit.  It was a sweet moment, especially when you think back to the first season.  I’ve always loved Evan and Taissa together.  Kyle fulfills an emptiness in the house.  I do hope we get to see more of him in the upcoming episodes.

Tune in tonight for another thrilling adventure.  This episode just proves how brilliant the series is.  You are not going to want to miss American Horror Story: Coven – “Head.”

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesday nights at 10 on FX.

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