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Exclusive Lindsey McKeon Interview

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GetInlineI spoke with Lindsey McKeon about Supernatural, Indigenous, Delicious Ambiguity, Flock of Dudes, Road to Hope, and more. It was fantastic to speak with her and find out that Tessa is returning to Supernatural. I really can not wait for that one. Dean (Jensen Ackles) is going to be so stoked to see her gorgeous face again. I’m looking forward to that intense meeting. What do you think his first words to her are going to be? I guess we will find out. Check out all of Lindsey’s projects.

Lena:  I loved you as Tessa on Supernatural.

Lindsey McKeon:  Thank you so much.

Lena:  Is it true that you will be reprising your role?

Lindsey McKeon:  I will be. I’m not sure when it will be airing yet, but Tessa will be back.

Lena:  That’s fantastic. When we last saw Tessa, she was escorting Dean while he was acting as Death in season six.  What can you say about Tessa’s return?

Lindsey McKeon:  I have no idea. I can’t say anything yet because I haven’t received a script. I know I’ll be back. I’m sure it will be very exciting and thrilling. I hope they just throw Tessa a curveball. That would be really fun.

Lena:  Since you were on the set before, can you talk about working with the cast because it looks like it’s a really fun set to be on?

Lindsey McKeon:  It is. It’s a very fun set. Every time I do interviews I tell people how great the guys are. I mostly work with Jensen, but I’ve met Jared and worked with him once. Every time they are just super cool guys. They are so much fun. They get along so well. It’s great to watch them together.

Lena:   Do you think that Dean is going to be happy to see Tessa? [Laughing]

Lindsey McKeon:  [Laughing] That’s a trick question. Is Dean really ever happy to see Tessa? I think he likes her, but at the same time he’s a little bit weary of anytime she’s around.

Lena:  Have you been keeping up with Supernatural? This season is really good.

Lindsey McKeon:  It keeps on getting better and better, doesn’t it?

Lena:  They even got picked up for another season. I bet they never imagined that it would be on so long when they first started working on the show.

Lindsey McKeon:  It’s the little engine that could. I remember working on it—I don’t even know how many years ago, but they thought it was going to be their last season. It switched nights and they thought it was going to be over when they switched nights. It just revived the show and they got an even bigger following.

Lena: Your films are going to be hitting the film festival circuit.

Lindsey McKeon:  One of the films is Delicious Ambiguity; it’s sort of a dramedy. It’s a little bit dark and edgy about relationships and how different and volatile and unpredictable they can be. At the same time, watching these train wrecks occur is extraordinarily humorous.

Lena:  I watched the trailer and it looks really funny.

Lindsey McKeon:  It really is. My character is not yet friends with all of the other people there. She’s brought in as the new girlfriend and is meeting everybody for the first time.  I think she’s a little like, “What is going on? Get me out of here. These people are nuts.”

Lena:  The film also stars Raising Hope’s Lucas Neff.

Lindsey McKeon:  It does. It also stars Lamorne Morris from New Girl, and Arielle Kebbel, who’s pilot just got picked up. It was so much fun. It debuted at the Idaho Film Festival and it was received really wonderfully. I won’t be able to make it to the festival because I will be shooting and I will be running with Torrey DeVitto from The Vampire Diaries. She and I are doing a fundraiser together. And then I’ll be in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival for the horror film, Indigenous, that I shot.

Lena:  What charity are you supporting?

Lindsey McKeon:  The foundation is called Road to Hope. It helps orphaned child caregivers in Africa continue to give care to children after their parents have died. It helps them continue on through school, continue to be fed, and have housing—so they are just not left on the streets. Torrey has actually been to Africa to see it first hand and we were both at a One Tree Hill convention and we started talking about it because I have wanted to do a charity event for a while.

Lena:  What can you say about Indigenous? I love horror films.

Lindsey McKeon:  They scare me. It’s airing at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20th. It’s about a group of friends that travel all around the world together at different times to go on these surfing trips. This time they met in Panama and Zachary Soetenga, who plays my boyfriend in the film, is very curious and keeps looking up the indigenous Chupacabra. Through a turn of events, we all decide to go into the jungle against other people’s advice and craziness ensues.

Lena:  Of course it has to end really well for everyone. [Laughing]

Lindsey McKeon:  Oh, yes of course. [Laughing]

Lena:  So you are afraid of horror movies?

Lindsey McKeon:  The last one I watched was probably The Blair Witch Project. It scared the bejesus out of me. So much so that I got nauseous in the theater and I almost left halfway through. I was way too scared. I just watched a thriller the other night with Stanley Tucci [The Lovely Bones] where he plays this child killer, molester, neighbor guy and Mark Wahlberg is in it. I just watched that one again and my husband had a piece of it on and I told him that he had to turn it off because it was too intense for me. I want children someday and I am listening to this and I’m very, very scared. It’s hard because as an actor my mind starts going to those places and investigating them and then I’m living in a scary place. I don’t want to live in a scary place—unless I’m getting paid to live in a scary place. [Laughing]

Lena:  Is it hard to act in scary movies?

Lindsey McKeon:  No. I’m totally fine with that, it’s watching them—it does something to me that I don’t like.

Lena:  You have a lot of great projects coming up like Flock of Dudes. I love Chris D’Elia.

Lindsey McKeon:  Yeah, Flock of Dudes. Chris is a funny, funny man. It was very interesting, being on that set with all of those boys. You have multiple comedians in one room and it gets a little crazy. It was always a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It sounds like it’s going to be fantastic and it’s really well received. I haven’t seen any pieces of it, but I think that it will do really well. My character is the girlfriend of one of the main guys. Unfortunately, in this one, I heard that my lines were cut.

Lena:  No!

Lindsey McKeon:  I know. That’s what happens when you are a girlfriend in a guy’s movie. [Laughing]

Lena:  When I was reading the names of the characters, Jeffrey Ross’ character is “Masturbator.” You know it’s going to be a good movie when that is a character’s name. [Laughing]

Lindsey McKeon:  Yes. [Laughing] Ray Liotta is in it. It has a cool cast. Brett Gelman plays my boyfriend. Hilary Duff is in it. She’s a sweetie pie.

Lena:  You’ll also be guest starring on Drop Dead Diva. Do you have anything else coming up?

Lindsey McKeon:  That’s true. I just auditioned for a new pilot.


Follow Lindsey on Twitter: @MyLindseyMckeon

Road to Hope:  www.roadtohopefund.org

Catch Indigenous at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20.

Supernatural airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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