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‘Crossbones’ preview and cast interviews

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CrossbonesThe time has come – Crossbones sets sail tonight at 10/9c. John Malkovich stars as the legendary Blackbeard. Make sure you check out the sneak peeks, first looks and interviews with the cast below.

Crossbones (First Look)

John Malkovich and the cast chat about the new NBC drama Crossbones, premiering on Friday, May 30 at 10/9c.

Casting Out the Devil

Some Legends Are True


John Malkovich Talks Blackbeard

The actor discusses his role as Blackbeard on the new NBC drama Crossbones.

Crossbones - Season 1Richard Coyle Talks Tom Lowe

The actor discusses his role as a British assassin on NBC’s new drama Crossbones.

Crossbones - Season 1CROSSBONES


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