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‘Between Hell and a Hard Place’ trailer starring Patrick G. Keenan

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10449925_819430118101656_3945377106191963307_nIn case you’ve been driving around out in the desert looking for that perfect spot to bury a body and couldn’t get decent wifi reception, MONSTERCON 2014 will be the WORLD PREMIERE of Between Hell And A Hard Place. Written and directed by Jaysen Buterin (THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BOOZE, BULLETS & HOT PINK JESUS) and starring Patrick G. Keenan, the first segment of the Beneath The Old Dark House anthology will claw its way out of the grave and onto the big screen at the Comics & Toys MonsterCon Film Festival on Saturday, July 19th at 5:30 PM, in Greenville, SC!

Synopsis: La Valle de las Sombras. “The Valley of the Shadows.” A desolate and deserted stretch of countryside, just to the left of the middle of nowhere, and as far removed from “civilisation” as those that travel through it. For years the valley had been a dumping ground for all manner of things better left unseen, unsaid and unforgiven. “Nothing but blood and bodies,” the few remaining locals would say‚Ķ if they weren’t six feet under themselves. So when two contract killers – one with a crisis of conscience and the other with no conscience at all – start to see things in the darkness and in the shadows, things that cannot possibly be there, can they get out in time before they’re both stuck between hell and a hard place?

Killing is easy… staying dead is the hard part. Check out the trailer below.


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