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Exclusive: STALKER Erik Stocklin Interview

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105086_d1280bErik Stocklin discusses Stalker, his new series with Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q that airs Wednesday nights at 10 on CBS. Erik plays Perry Whitley. The series premiered last week and I’m already hooked. Erik does a fantastic job bringing Perry to life. He’s terrifying. I can’t wait to see where this show is going to take us and how far Perry is going to go. Kevin Williamson is a genius. Do not miss a single episode of Stalker.

Lena: Between The Following and Stalker, Kevin Williamson has made it very clear that he doesn’t want us to sleep. I love him and hate him for that. How can I say no to such sensational television?

Erik Stocklin: You can’t! Right! I hear melatonin works for a lot of people.

Lena: Are you a fan of The Following? A crossover episode would be amazing.

Erik Stocklin: I love The Following. Two very different shows though so I wouldn’t expect a crossover, although that would be a lot of fun ha. I’m always left one degree from Bacon dammit.

Lena: Can you talk about working with Kevin and the brilliant cast?

Erik Stocklin: It makes it easier to do my part. Having such talented and amazing people around from the cast to the entire crew. And with Kevin you know you’re in the hands of a genius creator/writer. As you drive to set it gives you a lot of confidence in the project and your role in it to be in such sage company.

105086_d2262bcLena: If you haven’t watched the first season of American Horror Story, please do because Dylan McDermott owned that season.

Erik Stocklin: I have. It’s perfect. He’s an incredibly talented actor. I’m learning a lot watching him.

Lena: What do you guys do on the set to lighten the mood?

Erik Stocklin: We laugh a lot. For a darker TV series it’s nice to keep it light when not rolling. It’s a good group. I think we all enjoy each other’s company.

Lena: When you first got the role of Perry Whitley, who was the first person that you told? What was your audition like?

Erik Stocklin: When I was told I got the role I was asked if I could be at the table read at Warner Bros two hours later. It happened so fast in this incredible way. I didn’t have a second to tell anyone.

Lena: You are terrifyingly perfect as Perry. I’m sure people will be sending distrusting glances your way for a long time, and that’s after only watching the pilot. That’s how great you were. What did you do to prepare for your role?

Erik Stocklin: Yea ha I wonder if people that watch the show will be ok with sitting next to me on an airplane. It’s a personal process and a lot of work and research. I don’t want to give anything away with specifics of that or my diagnosis of Perry, at least just yet. I will say challenging though because it’s not at all close to who I am in reality.

Lena: Lieutenant Beth Davis (Maggie Q) tries to give Perry a taste of his own medicine, but it looks like that only piqued his interest. In the end of the episode, he is seen outside of her home. What is going on in Perry’s head? I’m assuming this is going to get real dark.

Erik Stocklin: Beth may have inadvertently become the new object of his obsession. There’s so much going on there but I just can’t give it away yet. Spoiler!

Lena: We know that Perry is from a prominent family. Are we going to find out more about him and his past in future episodes?

Erik Stocklin: I’m sure there will be opinions on the origins of his behavior. With people like this there is always more questions than answers sadly. That’s part of the fear built into a lot of these characters, that mystery and wanting a reason why. You see this unanswered in real life too often. Scary stuff.

Lena: As a viewer, what freaked you out the most about the premiere? The guy under the rug crossed the line for me. I never thought I would ever have to check under my rugs. Williamson!

Erik Stocklin: Right! I love that part in the pilot! How about walking from your apartment at night and an unexpected jogger in a hoodie jogs past you out of nowhere. That actually happens all the time in my neighborhood. And now I’m terrified, thanks Kevin.

Lena: Stalking is no joke. Were you surprised by some of the statistics that the show points out? What have you learned from the series so far?

Erik Stocklin: No joke at all. It truly is terrifying how much of Stalker is based on real word events and statistics. I think one hope is that the show gives a lot of guidance on how not to be a victim. Especially with all the social media outlets people use everyday now. You have to be careful how you put yourself out there. It’s a vulnerable feeling right, damn technology.

Lena: I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season. What can you say about upcoming episodes and where the series is going to take us?

Erik Stocklin: I can’t either! As soon as I get emailed a script I stop what I’m doing immediately and read the whole thing, even if I’m in a Trader Joes. It’s such a character driven procedural you end up really caring for them one way or another. It’s going to be a fun ride for the audience.

Lena: Would you accept a beer from Perry? I think Eric Bates (Daren Kagasoff) made the correct decision.

Erik Stocklin: Hell no! And I’d love a beer so that’s saying a lot.

Stalker airs Wednesday nights at 10 on CBS.



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