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‘Grimm’ previews

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Grimm - Season 4At 9/8c, catch a brand new Grimm where Nick and Hank investigate a shocking homicide at an abandoned residence that is allegedly haunted.

Coming Up: Killer Footage (Preview)

Nick, Hank and Wu get a glimpse of their Wesen killer when watching the film a ghost hunter shot right before he died on an all-new Grimm.

A Shocking Death (Preview)

Nick, Hank and Wu search for a possibly supernatural killer when a ghost hunter is electrocuted on tonight’s Grimm, 9/8c on NBC.

Next: Juliette’s Dark Secret (Preview)

Juliette looks for a way to reverse her Hexenbiest transformation without Nick’s knowledge on tonight’s all-new Grimm, 9/8c on NBC.


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