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Kevin Ryan is competing in the Boston Marathon for the Hopkinton Center for the Arts

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11051846_10152688092475846_4194821183366672103_nKevin Ryan will be competing in the Boston Marathon on April 20th. He’s doing this to raise funding for youth art programs in the Boston based Hopkinton Center for the Arts. His goal is to raise $20,000. Please watch the video in the donation page link below, you can find out more information there about this wonderful performance arts center and donate as little or as much as you can.

Kevin is a brilliant actor and an impeccable human being. He is an inspiration to all and is always giving back. Please join him in supporting a wonderful cause. His work on BBC America’s Copper was unforgettable and it just keeps on getting better.

‘I am delighted to be competing in this year’s marathons and to be representing the growth and development of local talent in Boston. Boston is a city I hold close and I very much look forward to not only visiting Boston again but being apart of such  special and challenging events. Any and all donations are welcomed and I personally want to thank everyone for their support with me on this. Thank you, Kevin Ryan’


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