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Exclusive Interview: FINDING CARTER Zac Pullam

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GetFileAttachmentI spoke with Zac Pullam about his role as Grant on Finding Carter. Find out what movie helped him with tonight’s episode. We also discussed that fight between Max and Gabe and all that hair, his Zac Attack videos, and so much more. Someone please get Zac a copy of Edward Scissorhands stat. Don’t miss an all-new episode of Finding Carter, which airs tonight at 10/9c on MTV.

Lena: Did you eat that entire crafty Thanksgiving sandwich? [Laughing.]

Zac Pullam: Oh, no. I got through about one bite and I just ate the rest of the beef jerky off it. It was actually pretty disgusting.

Lena: This season of Finding Carter has been a great one because Grant is getting more screen time. What are your thoughts on this season?

Zac Pullam: Thank you. I thought it was great and I like it better than season two. It was more fun to film. There weren’t as many sad and kind of dark-themed episodes. This season was more like a movie because it was all about drug busting, Jared (Jackson Rathbone) and Carter (Kathryn Prescott), and stuff like that. Especially these last couple of episodes, when I was at the table reading them, it was like I was reading a script for a movie. I don’t know—maybe that was just me. I liked it a lot better than season two.

Lena: You guys only have a few episodes left. Has the show been renewed yet?

Zac Pullam: I think three or four episodes are left. We don’t know yet. Hopefully, we will get another season.

Lena: What inspired your Zac Attack videos?

Zac Pullam: On season two, MTV came to me while we were doing the promos and they said that they were going to do this thing called Zac Attack where I ask people questions and we do challenges. They have basic guidelines but I’m able to add my own stuff. I mostly improv when we are doing the challenges, I say things that are on my mind that apply to the situation. It’s mostly MTV that comes up with all of the challenges and stuff.

Lena: In the show, Max (Alex Saxon) gives Grant a lot of advice about high school and girls. What’s some of the best advice that you’ve gotten from the cast?

Zac Pullam: They always tell me to never change and to be who I am—a humble 14-year-old who is on a TV show. I don’t think that much of myself. I try to do that best that I can.

Lena: Did Grant ever get to watch Edward Scissorhands or was it just painting party time all night?

Zac Pullam: I don’t think we ever got to watch that. I’ve never seen it and I want to see it. Johnny Depp is such a good actor.

Lena: Well, at least he got some pizza out of it.

Zac Pullam: Yeah, I got some pizza and a little extra.

Lena: Yes, “great pizza.” [Laughing.]

Zac Pullam: Yeah.

Lena: Grant is the man of the house right now. I think that Grant did a great job keeping Max and Gabe (Jesse Henderson) in line. How do you think Grant feels about all of the trust that he’s been given? Are you happy that he has taken over?

Zac Pullam: Yeah, that time he actually took care of something. I like it. I like being able to be there and that chop shop line at the end I added. The director liked it. I thought it was pretty cool to be giving them advice and life lessons.

Lena: Who do you think would really win that fight?

Zac Pullam: Oh, I don’t know. If I say Max, Jesse would probably punch me in the arm. I feel like they are pretty evenly matched all the way from their long hair. I feel like Gabe would win because Max was hurt during the first season, so he would probably have a weak spot.

Lena: That’s true, but Max would definitely win the hair fight because he has some really nice hair. It’s crazy how thick it is. [Yes, I’m incredibly envious of Max’s hair.]

Zac Pullam: Yes and it is definitely longer now.

Lena: In this week’s episode, Grant finds himself in a bit of a situation. What can you say about that and what we can expect from Grant?

Zac Pullam: It was fun. If you’ve seen the clip, Grant stumbled across some cookies that have pot in them. He eats them because he’s hungry. I always eat cookies if I find them, but I probably won’t now because I don’t know what’s in them. It was fun getting to play that. I took my knowledge from The Big Lebowski. I remember the camera guy was laughing during the entire take and just shaking his head. It was hard to not burst out laughingLena: Do you have any other projects coming up?

Zac Pullam: I am auditioning.

Finding Carter airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

Zac on Twitter: https://twitter.com/zacpullam12

Photo: Leslie Alejandro

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