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Exclusive Interview: Josh Levi discusses Citizen Four and ‘The X Factor’

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getfileattachment-1I spoke with Josh Levi about Citizen Four, his time on The X Factor, being in a boy band, his music, his acting, touring, his upcoming projects, and so much more. Citizen Four is currently on tour with Sabrina Carpenter. Don’t miss them when they come to your area.

LL: You were great on The X Factor. What was that experience like?

Josh Levi: Thank you so much. It was pretty insane. It allowed me to be fearless in basically everything that I do. I definitely wanted to do my own emotional things and show what I’ve been through. I was fourteen turning fifteen during the competition, so it was a crazy experience. I’m somewhat glad that it changed my life.

LL: What did you learn from being on a show like that?

Josh Levi: Definitely how to be fearless. When you are put in front of America, Simon Cowell, and Demi Lovato every week, and it’s live, there is no support what so ever other than your own self and you are forced to believe in yourself and just be unapologetic yourself—it really gives you a backbone. I have to keep that with me. I hope for the rest of my life, but definitely now in everything that I do.

LL: When I watch competition shows on television, I honestly have no idea how anyone could do that. It seems like so much pressure. [Laughing.]

Josh Levi: Yeah. I still don’t know how I did it, and I was fourteen. I can’t even fathom how that worked out, but it did. [Laughing.]

LL: You have a phenomenal voice. Your original music is really good. Are you going to be releasing any more soon?

Josh Levi: Thank you. I’m definitely going to in the future. Currently, I’m signed to Island Records as part of a band called Citizen Four. Right now, I’m committed to making music with them. I’m currently on tour with them and we are opening for Sabrina Carpenter. She’s on the show Girl Meets World.

LL: How has tour life been treating you so far?

Josh Levi: It’s pretty dope. We’ve done a few dates so far and we are going to cities that I haven’t been to yet.

LL: Is it more fun touring with a group rather than as a solo artist?

Josh Levi: It’s definitely a transition and it’s different. As much as we are a unit, we are still loyal to our own individuality. We are striving to break the stereotype of a typical boy band. Not much really changes because you are still yourself—you are still allowed to spread your wings.

LL: Have fans assigned you the typical boy band personas yet? [Laughing.]

Josh Levi:   [Laughing.] I think that’s just an inevitable thing when joining a boy band, being part of a boy band, creating a boy band, or any affiliation with a boy band because there have been so many for so long. I’m definitely proud to be part of something that is much different and I wouldn’t have joined unless it was.

getfileattachmentLL: You guys are new to the scene, so what can you say about Citizen Four?

Josh Levi: Right now we are just recording every single day and getting everything perfected. We are writing songs almost every single day. We are just getting the world ready for our music and shifting perspectives of what’s expected from us. We’ve seen some success on social media and YouTube, which is a blessing. We’re just excited.

LL: Is there an album coming out next year?

Josh Levi: We are going to start with a single and I think we will take it from there.

LL: What are some of the pros and cons of touring?

Josh Levi: A definite con for me is leaving my family. My sister is killing it in the gymnastics world. It’s a bummer I’m missing out on watching her future transpire. The pros are definitely doing what I love and getting to interact with fans.

LL: What other projects are you working on? Are you planning on doing some more acting?

Josh Levi: Absolutely! I audition for things frequently. A couple of things that I’ve filmed over the course of this year will be airing soon. I had a guest role on The Thundermans. I had a guest role on Days of Our Lives. I had a couple of appearances on Hell’s Kitchen. I’m just doing more music.

LL: With all of your talents, you would be incredible on Empire. I love that show. Do you watch it? [This season really, really needs an angry Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) sitar solo. His sitar face is perfection.]

Josh Levi: Oh, yes. I’m trying for that. I would definitely love to be on Empire.

14141756_1254499221251266_7706189602433396512_n-1Citizen Four is on tour now.

Josh Levi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoshLeviWorld

Josh Levi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshleviworld

Citizen Four on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Citizen4music

Citizen Four on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CitizenFourOfficial

Josh photos: Kalie Johnson


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