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‘Ultimate Expedition’ trailer

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Don’t miss the upcoming YouTube RED series ULTIMATE EXPEDITION, a new adventure competition series hosted by Jukka Hildén. ULTIMATE EXPEDITION takes eight celebrities including Gus Kenworthy (Olympic silver-medalist), Chuck Liddell (UFC champion), Steve-O (Comedian), with no previous climbing experience through the challenge of summiting Mount Tocllaraju in Peru (19,790 feet). The 10-episode series, produced by Rabbit Films, will debut exclusively on YouTube Red on Wednesday, January 17.

In ULTIMATE EXPEDITION, Mount Tocllaraju is not the only mountain the cast is trying to conquer. Each climber has a personal challenge they are hoping to summit. Some are chasing dreams, some are redefining themselves, and some are looking for a spiritual awakening. They will experience elation, anger, and even a bit of comedy, on their way to finding joy as they work to overcome personal obstacles. This expedition is a rare opportunity to isolate themselves from the daily stress of the modern world – and prove that nothing is impossible. The full cast includes Jukka Hilden, Gus Kenworthy, Chuck Liddell, Steve-O, SSSniperwolf, Furious Pete, Jus Reign, Nikki Baker, and Chachi Gonzales.

Photo: Ultimate Expedition

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