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‘Mike’ review

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At first glance, Mike is the story of one man’s journey, but what happens along the way is much, much deeper. It’s a riveting account of what the world is like inside the mind of an intellectually challenged man in his mid-50’s. Mike’s unwavering innocence and curiosity is certain to cure any dry eyes in the house. The brilliant Patrick G. Keenan (The Blind Side) does a phenomenal job bringing Mike to life. You just instantly connect with Mike and that has so much to do with the wonderful storytelling of Kent Smith, and the masterful portrayal of Mike by Patrick G. Keenan. Great care was taken to represent every nuance of such a strong and compelling character. You genuinely want Mike to succeed. You find yourself really caring about what happens to him, and that will keep you watching and wanting to know so much more about Mike.

Don’t let the Dexter-ish beginning throw you off, no plastic wrap kill rooms make an appearance in this short film. I can’t speak of what may come in a possible future series, but for now it’s all family-friendly viewing. Mike’s conversations with his mom (Marilyn Carter) and Donald (Jonathan Bedford) really kick things into gear. Mike works for Donald’s landscaping business and the perks are outstanding. I don’t know that I would mix chocolate chip cookies with lemonade, but several times I found myself becoming one with Mike. Yes, sign me up for the cookies and those amazing black plaid pajamas. Mike has style.

Mike decides that he’s going to do something that he’s always wanted to do and nothing is going to hold him back. He’s determined to get to where he needs to be. He meets several people along the way and reveals so much more about himself. You’ll find yourself yelling at the screen when you know something is amiss, but that is the beauty of Mike. I don’t want to spoil anything, so you’ll just have to experience Mike for yourself.

Watching how Mike relates to people and processes situations will open your eyes to how beautiful life really is. With all the disconnect in society today, we have forgotten how to really talk to each other. Mike gets to experience life in a different light, both good and bad, and he will let you live through him. Mike is not afraid to follow his dreams, and you should follow along with him.

MIKE (Official Trailer) from Lucky You Films on Vimeo.


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