Exclusive MAGIC CITY Andrew Bowen Interview

By Lena Lamoray / May 5, 2012

I spoke with the incredibly talented Andrew Bowen from the new hit show on Starz, Magic City.   Andrew plays the resident swimsuit wearing bad boy, Divin’ Dave Donahue.  If you have been keeping up with the show you know exactly who he is and the mischief he is responsible for.  […]

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Exclusive SO RANDOM Tiffany Thornton “Tawni Hart” Interview

By Lena Lamoray / April 18, 2012

Tiffany Thornton took the time to chat about her Disney show, So Random, and the concert that she is doing at The Roxy to raise awareness about meningitis.  Tiffany survived meningitis and she want to make sure that you do what you can to prevent it.  It was great to […]

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Exclusive MISSING Nick Eversman Interview

By Lena Lamoray / March 14, 2012

I spoke with Nick Eversman about Missing, his new show with Ashley Judd on ABC.  Nick plays Michael Winstone, the kidnapped son of Ashley Judd’s character.  I was already familiar with Nick’s work from his guest starring roles on House and CSI: Miami. It was such a pleasure to speak […]

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Exclusive THE HUNGER GAMES Tara Macken Interview

By Lena Lamoray / March 1, 2012

I spoke with Tara Macken from The Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy, and a ton of other projects.  Tara took on Tara in season three of Sons of Anarchy as Luisa. You can see her this weekend as a District 4 Tribute Girl in The Hunger Games.  I can’t wait […]

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Exclusive JUSTIFIED Erica Tazel Interview “Rachel Brooks”

By Lena Lamoray / February 14, 2012

I spoke with the beautiful and talented Erica Tazel about her role as Rachel Brooks in Justified on FX.  It was an absolute pleasure to speak with her and get her take on Rachel, and what it’s like working on the show and with that amazing cast.  I’m going to […]

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Exclusive SONS OF ANARCHY Kim Coates and Mark Boone Junior Interview, “Tig” and “Bobby”

By Lena Lamoray / January 28, 2012

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Kim Coates and Mark Boone Junior, from Sons of Anarchy, at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston, MA.  Kim Coates was hilarious and pretty much exactly like Tig, minus all the lady killing, but I wasn’t with him that long, so […]

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Exclusive RED TAILS Marcus Paulk Interview, “David ‘Deke’ Watkins”

By Lena Lamoray / January 19, 2012

I spoke with Marcus Paulk, who stars in the new George Lucas film, Red Tails.  Red Tails is about the Tuskegee Airmen from World War II.  Marcus portrays David ‘Deke’ Watkins, one of the lead fighter pilots, in this spectacularly cast film.  Not only do we get to watch Marcus […]

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Exclusive NIKITA Dillon Casey Interview

By Lena Lamoray / January 6, 2012

I spoke with Dillon Casey about Nikita, The Vow, Creature, being featured on a billboard in his underwear in Times Square, Living in LA with Dillon Casey, and so much more.  It was such an honor to speak with Dillon.  He was hilarious, and I highly recommend that you check […]

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By Lena Lamoray / December 31, 2011

What an amazing year of television, so I joined forces with Valerie Leung to put together a best of 2011 list for you. BEST NEW TELEVISION SERIES OF 2011 Wilfred (FX) Wilfred stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, the man who sees Wilfred as a bloke in a dog suit when […]

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Exclusive THE LYING GAME Randy Wayne Interview

By Lena Lamoray / October 16, 2011

I spoke with Randy Wayne about his character, Justin in The Lying Game, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, his upcoming films, and so much more.  It was a pleasure to speak with Randy and I can tell you that he has an incredible sense of humor.   I’m sure he […]

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