‘Grimm’ series finale preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss the series finale of Grimm.   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm.   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm.   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm. Breaking Bad's Charles Baker is the distinguished guest star of the evening. Long live Skinny Pete!   Sweet dreams. #Grimm pic.twitter.com/Tl4mrL2JOl — Grimm (@NBCGrimm) February 7, 2017 Like Charles Baker on Facebook: … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss an all-new episode of Grimm.   Danger lurks beneath the ground in an all-new #Grimm, Friday at 8/7c on @NBC. pic.twitter.com/JhVYMey83F — Grimm (@NBCGrimm) February 1, 2017 … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, don't miss the season premiere of Grimm.   The final chapter of #Grimm begins Friday, January 6 at 8/7c on @NBC. pic.twitter.com/Jk49lxsx35 — Grimm (@NBCGrimm) December 23, 2016 … [Read more...]

‘Buddymoon’ starring David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee from ‘Grimm’ and Flula Borg trailer premiere

David (David Giuntoli, “Grimm") is left by his fiancé days before the wedding, and Flula (Flula Borg, “Pitch Perfect 2"), his eccentrically upbeat best man, insists that they go on David’s honeymoon together: a backpacking trip through Oregon’s scenic mountains. Prepare to laugh when the pair crosses paths with a dazed conspiracy theorist, an … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 9/8c on NBC, catch a new Grimm, where an ancient Wesen warrior tradition finds its way into the modern world of Luchador wrestling thanks to a local maskmaker. Searching for a Masked Man (Promo) With great power comes deadly responsibility on an all-new Grimm, Friday at 9/8c on NBC. https://youtu.be/a36uQmNFAnE   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 9/8c on NBC, celebrate Grimm’s 100th episode, where Nick and Monroe find trouble in Germany after discovering a treasure that has been hidden for centuries. Watch Grimm's Epic 100th Episode! (Promo) Grimm's epic 100th episode will unlock the answers! Watch Friday at 9/8c on NBC. https://youtu.be/R5rzHX2L1Sk   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight, catch a new Grimm (9/8c), where an ancient and barbaric Wesen ritual claims lives in Portland, and Nick, Hank and Wu find themselves five steps behind the serial killer when Monroe goes undercover to help their investigation. Eve in Action (Preview) While Nick and Hank search for a serial killer, Eve and Trubel team up for Hadrian's … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ fall finale preview

Don't miss the fall finale of Grimm tonight (9/8c), as Monroe might be in danger when Wesen business owners are targeted in a string of attacks being investigated by Nick and Hank. Nick learns what Trubel has been up to. https://youtu.be/4jiVmvsIymI   … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 9/8c on NBC, watch an all-new episode of Grimm, where a wealthy mobster sends three young men on a quest to win his daughter's hand in marriage and earn his fortune. Not too long after, Nick and Hank become involved in the case when bodies start to pile up. Next: Trail of Blood (Preview) An ancient Wesen tradition goes horribly … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ season finale previews

Tonight at 8/7c, catch the season 4 finale of Grimm, where Trubel helps Nick, who is hell-bent on getting revenge on the Royals after making a horrifying discovery. Following Grimm is an all-new Dateline at 9/8c, where Andrea Canning tries to crack a 20-year murder case. Next: Nick and Juliette Face Off (Promo) There's no more playing nice … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews and digital exclusive

Tonight at 8/7c, catch an all-new episode of Grimm, where Trubel makes a surprising return to Portland as the manhunt continues for a vicious serial killer, and Wu's life is put in grave danger. Following Grimm is an all-new Dateline at 9/8c, where Dennis Murphy reports on a Georgia murder. Next: Only Two Episodes Left! (Preview) Trubel and … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Tonight at 8/7c, catch an all-new episode of Grimm, as Nick and Hank investigate a string of homicides that have created a fear that a Jack the Ripper copycat has arrived in Portland. Following Grimm is a new Dateline at 9/8c, where Dennis Murphy reports on mysterious deaths inside a traveling commune. Next: Adalind Tests Juliette's Cure … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c, catch an all-new episode of Grimm, as Nick and Hank investigate a homicide, which they discover is connected to an age-old Wesen rite of passage. Nick learns Adalind is having his baby, and Juliette joins forces with the royals. Nick's Baby Mama Drama (Preview)   https://youtu.be/eYSxjPh9qhM … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Tonight at 8/7c on NBC, catch an all-new episode of Grimm, when Nick and Hank have a homicide on their hands as a dark and mysterious Native American myth comes to life. Following Grimm is Dateline at 9/8c. Mishipeshu on the Loose (Preview) - Nick and Hank learn about the Native American legend of the Mishipeshu on a new Grimm, Fridays at 8/7c … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Tonight at 8/7c, catch an all-new episode of Grimm, as Nick and Hank investigate a one-night stand that ended in murder. Following Grimm is an all-new Dateline at 9/8c. Wesen Buddy System (Preview) Nick and Hank try to catch a dangerous Wesen that works in pairs on Friday's all-new episode, 8/7c on … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Get ready for an all-new Constantine at 8/7c, followed by a brand new episode of Grimm (9/8c) as Nick and Hank investigate a series of murders that lead to a mysterious Wesen bounty hunter. Preview: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted (Promo) Get a look at the next episode of Grimm, "Maréchaussée," airing tonight at 9/8c on … [Read more...]

NBC renews dramas THE BLACKLIST, CHICAGO FIRE, CHICAGO P.D., LAW & ORDER: SVU & GRIMM for 2015-16 Season

NBC has announced it’s renewing dramas “The Blacklist” (season 3), “Chicago Fire” (season 4), “Chicago P.D.” (season 3), “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (season 17) and “Grimm” (season 5) for the 2015-16 season. For the 2014-15 season to date, NBC ranks #1 among the Big 4 networks in adults 18-49 and all other key demographics. NBC’s 2.9 … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

At 9/8c, catch a brand new Grimm where Nick and Hank investigate a shocking homicide at an abandoned residence that is allegedly haunted. Coming Up: Killer Footage (Preview) Nick, Hank and Wu get a glimpse of their Wesen killer when watching the film a ghost hunter shot right before he died on an all-new … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

At 9/8c, catch a brand new Grimm where Nick and the team work to #FreeMonroe. Coming Up: Monroe's Defense (Preview) Monroe defends his love for Rosalee as the Wesenrein prepare to pass judgment on Friday's brand-new Grimm, 9/8c on NBC. http://youtu.be/k1Gv-83HALM?list=PLapYiksMRfSaBHSTiRd1FCuhPGrDedAvW Wu's New Normal (Preview) Hank … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ to support OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital with the establishment of the Grimmster Endowment

NBC’S HIT DRAMA ‘GRIMM’ TO SUPPORT PORTLAND’S OHSU DOERNBECHER CHILDREN’S HOSPTIAL WITH GRIMMSTER ENDOWMENT Fans Invited to Contribute to Endowment and Participate in Online Auction PORTLAND, Ore. – Jan. 21, 2015 – The cast and crew of NBC’s hit TV drama “Grimm,” which is set and filmed in Portland, Oregon, are supporting OHSU Doernbecher … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Watch an all-new episode of Grimm tonight at 9/8c on NBC. Rosalee's Rage (Preview) With Monroe still missing, Rosalee lashes out at Juliette on an all-new Grimm, January 16 at 9/8c on NBC. http://youtu.be/V0-OILoxB6c   Wu Learns the Truth (Preview) Nick and Hank bring Wu to the … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Get ready for an all-new episode of Grimm at 9/8c, and then catch a new Constantine at 10/9c tonight on NBC. A Very Grimm Christmas (Preview) - St. Nick the Grimm searches for a chaos-causing Wesen on Friday's festive episode, 9/8c on NBC. Monroe's Christmas Wish (Preview) - With Nick's Grimm powers restored, Monroe hopes he and Rosalee … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview

Check out an all-new episode of Grimm at 9/8c, as Nick gains some insight into his Grimm abilities. Seeing Things (Preview)- A doctor's appointment provides Nick with insight about his Grimm abilities. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Celebrate Halloween with a suspenseful new episode of Grimm at 9/8c, followed by an all-new Constantine at 10/9c on NBC. Check out the previews below. Evil Is All Around Us (Preview) - Nick, Hank and Trubel face their biggest challenges yet on the new season of Grimm, Fridays 9/8c on NBC. Agent Chavez Questions Nick (Preview) - To get … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ previews

Check out some previews for tonight’s season premiere of Grimm at 9/8c on NBC.  Shattered (Promo) Nick's back - but is he still a Grimm? Wesen Preview: Gedachtnis Esser (Preview) Nick, Hank and Trubel take on a memory loss-inducing Wesen in Grimm's season premiere. Friday Fright Night (Preview) Evil has a new enemy in Grimm … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ season finale preview and interviews with David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Bree Turner

You are cordially invited to a Grimm wedding tonight at 9/8c. Get your first look at the season finale, plus catch interviews with David Giuntoli and the cast below. Blonde Ambition: Don't miss the finale event of the season on the next Grimm, tonight at 9/8c. Silas and Bree’s Finale: Grimm stars Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner … [Read more...]

GRIMM Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee Interview

Sasha Roiz and Claire Coffee took the time to chat about Grimm and their characters, Captain Sean Renard and Adalind Schade, during a recent press call. Don’t miss the season three finale of Grimm this Friday night at 9 on NBC. Make sure that you also stick around for an all-new episode of Hannibal because that will definitely complete your Friday … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ preview clip

Trouble is brewing on an all-new Grimm tonight at 9/8c. The Inheritance - Nick receives a collection of relics from a fellow Grimm, but the Verrat is eager to obtain the merchandise at any cost. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips – Michael Pitt guest stars on ‘Hannibal’

Tonight at 9/8c, see for yourself why there’s nothing more dangerous than a Grimm in training. Then, if you can’t beat Hannibal, join him as you follow Will’s journey into darkness at 10/9c. You are not going to want to miss Michael Pitt in tonight's episode of Hannibal. I've been waiting for him all season. Hannibal is one of the best series on … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Tonight on NBC, there’s another Grimm in town at 9/8c and all we can say is, #HereComesTrubel. Then, save room for a new episode of Hannibal at 10/9c. Jeremy Davies from Justified is back tonight. He was incredible in last week's episode. Chasing Trubel - On the next Grimm, Nick pursues a suspect that comes with a shocking … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Tonight, the royals are taking the fight to Portland on Grimm at 9/8c, and Will is finally set free on Hannibal at 10/9c. The Law of Sacrifice Sneak a peek at the next Grimm, Friday at 9/8c on NBC. Yakimono Out of the asylum, Will is unbound and determined to exact justice on Hannibal. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Prepare for the mother of all Grimm episodes tonight at 9/8c before you dig in to a new Hannibal at 10/9c. A Visit from Mom Nick gets an unexpected visit from his mother. Futamono Jack Crawford's suspicions about Hannibal reach a boiling point. Get a look at Friday's all-new episode, "Futamono." … [Read more...]

NBC renews ‘Chicago Fire,’ ‘Grimm’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’

NBC has announced it is renewing dramas “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.” and “Grimm” for the 2014-15 season. The network previously picked up “The Blacklist” (season 2) “Parks and Recreation” (season 7), “The Voice” (season 7) and “Celebrity Apprentice” (season 14). NBC is winning the season in adults 18-49, and ranked #1 for the first time in 10 … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Don’t miss new episodes of Hannibal and Grimm tonight as Will’s trial takes a murderous twist, and Hank and Nick investigate an ancient Egyptian Wesen. A Scientific Breakthrough (Preview) - An archaeologist unearths the most important scientific discovery in human history, but the Wesen Council is determined to put a stop to her … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Check out two sneak peeks of tonight’s episode of Grimm. A Wesen street gang is wreaking havoc on Portland, and the only thing more deadly than a Wesen is a gang of Wesen. Then, The Order’s hunt for Dracula intensifies tonight at 10/9c. Sneak Peek: "Eyes of the Beholder" Nick and Hank find themselves in the middle of a Wesen street … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Thank Grimm It’s Friday! We have just thing to start your day off right – two sneak peeks of tonight’s episode. Then, Dracula’s secret is coming to light tonight at 10/9c; start preparing now with the intense preview below. And don’t miss Saturday Night Live tomorrow with host AND musical guest Lady Gaga! Two's Company Monroe and Rosalee … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Add a little fright to your Friday with a new Grimm that reignites the oldest rivalry in the book. Then, discover how Dracula was condemned to eternal life tonight at 10/9c on NBC. Sneak Peek: "A Dish Best Served Cold" - Nick and Hank investigate a bewildering incident involving exploding Blutbaden. Closet Space - Monroe offers Rosalee a … [Read more...]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks ‘Dracula’ – ‘Dracula’ and ‘Grimm’ premiere tonight on NBC

Dracula: Seal the Deal - The legend is reborn. Dracula premieres Friday, October 25 at 10/9c on NBC. Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks Dracula - Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks about his role on NBC's Dracula. Dracula: The Character - Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers discusses the titular character in NBC's Dracula, premiering Friday, October 25 on … [Read more...]

GRIMM and DRACULA previews plus interviews with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and David Giuntoli

Are you ready to add a little fright to your Friday nights? Grimm returns in one week at 9/8c followed by the premiere of Dracula at 10/9c. To gear up for next week, we have your first look at Grimm Season 3, plus an interview with David Giuntoli on his new role as Zombie Nick. Then, enter Dracula’s world with the preview below, plus a … [Read more...]

GRIMM preview clips – “Kiss of the Muse” tonight on NBC

Fatal Attraction - An unnatural obsession sends Nick spiraling out of control. Nick's New Romance - Nick is completely captivated by a woman with mysterious seductive powers. … [Read more...]

GRIMM preview clip – Watch an all-new episode tonight on NBC

Grimm Moves to Tuesdays! Starting April 30th, Grimm moves to its new night and time - Tuesdays at 10/9c! Tonight, it’s an all-new Grimm, now on Tuesdays! You won’t want to miss what happens when Juliette’s memory returns – sneak a peek in the clip below.   … [Read more...]

NBC renews Grimm, Chicago Fire, and three other dramas

NBC ANNOUNCES FIVE DRAMA SERIES RENEWALS FOR NEXT SEASON Dramas “Revolution,” “Chicago Fire,” “Parenthood,” “Grimm” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” All Returning for 2013-14 Slate All have been given 22-episode orders. The announcement was made by Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment. “On the verge of our 2013 fall … [Read more...]

GRIMM preview clips – Watch “Volcanalis” tonight on NBC

"Volcanalis" - On the next new episode of Grimm, a demon arises and all hell will break lose! Meet Stefania Adalind crosses paths with a gypsy with sinister intentions.     … [Read more...]

GRIMM “Ring of Fire”

PREVIEW: Ring of Fire … [Read more...]

GRIMM “Natural Born Wesen”

Natural Born Wesen The Wesen code of honor comes into question when Nick, Hank and Monroe discover a series of bank robberies with Wesen using true natures as their disguises. Shirtless Rage: Renard and Adalind Renard and Adalind get back to nature with a passionate encounter in the woods. … [Read more...]

Grimm Is Back!

Grimm Is Back! Grimm is back, and Nick's out for vengeance. Grimm returns with all-new episodes March 8! The Cast Tells All The cast of Grimm gives you a sneak peek at what's to come this Friday! … [Read more...]

GRIMM preview clip – “Face Off” tomorrow night on NBC

Renard's Discovery Renard finally tracks down Aunt Marie's trailer and is shocked by what he finds! … [Read more...]

Grimm Preview Clip “Halloween with Monroe”

Halloween with Monroe For Wesen, Halloween is better than Christmas! … [Read more...]

Grimm Preview Clips

Renard's Desperation Renard shows up at the Spice Shop, hoping for a cure for his infatuation with Juliette. A Dangerous Obsession Renard and Juliette’s attraction for one another reaches dangerous new heights. … [Read more...]

Grimm A Dangerous Obsession Preview Clip

A Dangerous Obsession Renard and Juliette’s attraction for one another reaches dangerous new heights. … [Read more...]

Grimm’s Unlocked Steamy Deleted Scene!

Shirtless Rage You asked for it and we listened... here's the revealing deleted scene you've been waiting for! … [Read more...]

GRIMM Preview Clip

An Unlikely Friendship Nick's mom finds it hard to believe that a Grimm and a Wesen could be friends! … [Read more...]

GRIMM clip – Renard revealed

GRIMM clip - Renard revealed Facebook: www.facebook.com/nbcgrimm Twitter: www.twitter.com/NBCgrimm #Grimm Tumblr: http://grimmnbc.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/nbcgrimm/ Renard Revealed As this mashup reveals, Captain Sean Renard is not to be trifled with. Link: … [Read more...]

Grimm clip – Season 2 premieres August 13 on NBC

Season 1 Recap Learn everything you need to know about Grimm with this Season 1 recap! And don't forget to tune in for Grimm's return on August 13! … [Read more...]

GRIMM David Giuntoli & Sasha Roiz Interview

I spoke with the talented and handsome stars of Grimm, David Giuntoli and Sasha Roiz. Grimm is a show that I’ve been addicted to since the pilot. It’s the perfect way to begin every weekend. If you have not gotten a chance to check it out then let me tell you what you are missing, fairytales, beautiful filming, incredible acting, intense and creepy … [Read more...]

GRIMM David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby Interview

David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby took the time to chat about Grimm and their characters, Nick and Hank.  I was excited about Grimm when I first heard about it and I have enjoyed every episode, so far.  The only complaint I have with the show is that the CGI could be toned down a lot.  I love everything else about it and I was lucky enough to meet … [Read more...]

GRIMM Silas Weir Mitchell Interview

I spoke with Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe in Grimm about upcoming episodes and fairy tales.  It was a pleasure to speak with him and find out more about his character and the show.  A short list of films and shows Silas has been featured in:  Prison Break, 24, The Good Guys, Halloween II, The Shield, Mental, The Closer, Silk Stalkings, Burn … [Read more...]