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Exclusive THE PACT Caity Lotz Interview

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I spoke with Caity Lotz about The Pact, Death Valley, and more.  The Pact is available now on video on demand, and it will be in select theaters in July.  Caity plays Annie.  The Pact was written and directed by Nicholas McCarthy. The film also stars Casper Van Dien and Haley Hudson.  Everyone loved Caity as Officer Kirsten Landry in the MTV series, Death Valley.  I’m still surprised that MTV decided to end the show after just one season.  Will you be checking out The Pact?

Lena:  The Pact is out on video on demand now and it’s going to get a limited release in select theaters on July 6.

Caity Lotz:  It has a small release over here and overseas it’s getting a wide theatrical release.  That should be pretty fun.

Lena:  How would you compare The Pact to other horror films?

Caity Lotz:  It has a throwback feel, more of a classic horror movie.  It’s not a slasher film where everyone just goes around killing each other and dying.  It’s more of a tension and psychological thriller kind of horror film, which is the stuff I like.

Lena:  Yes, some of the slasher films are a bit much.  You get a bit of a break from all the blood in Death Valley.

Caity Lotz:  You know what though, slasher films make me nauseous so I can’t watch them but Death Valley, because it wasn’t with real people but funny and with zombies, I didn’t mind.

Lena:  What can you tell me about The Pact and your character, Annie?

Caity Lotz:  It was such a quick process.  They had a short at Sundance the year before and they got funding to do a full-length feature.  Nick basically had to write this whole feature quick, shoot it, and edit it so it could be at Sundance the next year.  It was really fun.  It was a lot of work.  My character is in almost every scene and I was constantly going and never really had a break.  It was pretty physically demanding and exhausting but it was really fun.

Lena:  So you also had a lot of lines to learn?

Caity Lotz:  Actually, not really because in some of the scenes I’m just by myself, so it actually wasn’t too heavy on the dialog.

Lena:  It’s a pretty small cast so it must have been nice to work in a more intimate setting, and Casper Van Dien is fantastic.  Who does he play and how does he relate to your character?

Caity Lotz:  I like Casper; he was so much fun.  He’s the cop, the kind of washed up cop, that is willing to help me out.

Lena:  Who would you recommend The Pact to?

Caity Lotz:  I would recommend The Pact to everybody and their momma.  It’s fun, even for people who don’t really like horror movies, because it’s more of a psychological ride.  I would definitely say if you can go and see it in a theater do because it’s an experience, and much more fun, to watch it with people.  It’s even scarier with all the screaming.

Lena:  What is the premise of the film?

Caity Lotz:  My character’s mother passes away and she has to go home and kind of deal with everything and her sister goes missing and all of a sudden all of this crazy stuff starts happening.  There is this presence that is in her childhood home and basically there is like a ghost in her house.  She has all this stuff going on and she has to try and figure it out and find her sister.

Lena:  Did anything spooky happen on the set?

Caity Lotz:  The scariest thing that happened is that we were shooting in a hotel and they moved a mattress that was in one of the rooms and they picked up the mattress and on the other side of the mattress were two giant blood stains and not like someone cut themselves but like someone was murdered right there on that bed.  That was pretty creepy and gross.  That has probably got to be the worst.

Lena:  And no one knew how that mattress got that way.

Caity Lotz:  No, and no one was asking any questions (laughing).

Lena:  (Laughing) Yeah, good idea.  I’m sure that helped set the mood for the movie.

Caity Lotz:  Yeah, it freaked us all out, that is for sure.

Lena:  What was the makeup like on the film for you?  Was there any FX makeup on some of the other characters?

Caity Lotz:  For me, pretty much no makeup.  I don’t want to give anything away but there was one character that had a lot.  For me it was to make me basically look like I got the shit beat out of me and I hadn’t slept.  They put dark circles under my eyes and blood and bruises when I needed it.

Lena:  It’s a bummer that Death Valley isn’t getting a second season.

Caity Lotz:  Yeah, it definitely is.  Everybody was pretty bummed about it.  It was a fun show and I think it was hard and just a different show for MTV.  People did watch it.

Lena:  People loved that show.  I interviewed R.J. Cantu (Rico) from the show so I started watching it just for him, but it grew on me.  Did he ever do magic for you on the set?

Caity Lotz:  Oh, nice.  R.J. is fun.  Yes, of course he did magic.  I wanted them to write it into the show but it didn’t happen.

Lena:  What was it like working with the cast of Death Valley?

Caity Lotz:  It was fun.  Everyone on the show was hilarious and they really encouraged improv.  I became good friends with Bryan Callen, who plays the Captain on the show, and we still hang out every now and again and I watch him do stand-up.  I had a good time with everybody.

Lena:  Bryan and Bryce (Johnson) were hilarious and my favorites in the show.  Did you enjoy working with Spider One?

Caity Lotz:  Spider’s great.  We will do little get-togethers with members of the cast, and stuff like that, so I get to see him sometimes now that we are done.  He’s fun.  I like Spider a lot.

Lena:  What do you miss the most about playing Kirsten?  A lot of your fans from Death Valley sent in questions for me to ask you.  (They really loved and miss the show.)

Caity Lotz:  I just miss being on set everyday.  You know when you are there shooting, you pretty much see the whole cast.  It’s kind of like when you go to school and you are hanging out with your friends.  That’s what I miss.

Lena:  It’s fantastic that you have a martial arts background and you were able to do all of your own stunts.

Caity Lotz:  Yes, I do a little bit of everything.

Lena:  Yes, you were even in Mad Men.  The clothing on that show is gorgeous.

Caity Lotz:  Oh yeah, that is like the best part.  Even the undergarments are vintage.

Lena: Did you see the skit where Jon Hamm plays Sergio on SNL?

Caity Lotz:  I don’t think so.  Jon Hamm is actually really funny.  As much as he’s a dramatic actor, he’s hilarious.  He’s a really nice guy.  He’s so down-to-earth.  He’s a man’s man.

Lena:  Are you going to return to music?  (Caity has also toured as a backup dancer with Avril Lavigne.  She has also been featured in some of Lady Gaga’s videos.)

Caity Lotz:  Probably not.  I love acting.  I’ll still dance because I love doing it but just for me.  Singing, not so much.  It wasn’t my main calling.

Lena:  It must have been great to do videos.

Caity Lotz:  It’s so funny when I’m like, “I’m from a pop band in Germany.”  When you say girl band people want to know what I played, no instruments just singing and dancing.

Lena:  The Pact is the next thing that you have coming up.  What else do you have after that?

Caity Lotz:  I have a movie coming out in January.  It’s a big 3D breakdancing movie, Battle of the Year:  The Dream Team. It’s going to be a lot of fun.  It has a really great cast, Josh Holloway, Chris Brown, and Laz Alonso.  It was really fun and has some of the best b-boys in the world, all over the world because we even shot in France.

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