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SONS OF ANARCHY Mark Boone Junior “Bobby” Interview

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SOA-Comic-Con-7Mark Boone Junior discusses the new season of Sons of Anarchy, what is next for Bobby, and so much more. It’s always so much fun to speak with Mark.  He’s one of the nicest gentlemen with the prettiest locks that you will ever meet.  I still can’t thank Mark and Kim Coates enough for staying at an event late just so I could interview them.  They really love and appreciate their fans. I was really enjoying Bobby as VP last season.  If you are looking for some fun Halloween films, make sure you check out Mark in Vampires and 30 Days of Night.  Those are a couple of my favorite horror films.  Don’t miss the season six premiere of Sons of Anarchy on September 10th on FX.

Mark Boone Junior:  Well, I just flew in from Montreal.  I was in Montreal doing a thing last night and at 3 o’clock in the morning I was picked up.  We had a little stop over in New York and here I am.  So the day is good.

Filming so far: 

Mark Boone Junior:  We are on the sixth episode right now and terrible things have happened.  Terrible.  I believe that there are more terrible things that happen to come.  Of course, I don’t know anything.  No, I don’t really.  We get the script literally three days before we start the next episode.  That’s generally how it goes.  There are a lot of rumors though.

Bobby stepped down as VP:

Mark Boone Junior:  Did he?  What an idiot!  It’s a little confusing [on where his allegiance lies].  Did he want Clay dead?  [On wanting what’s best for the club] Bobby says that a lot, doesn’t he?  I just want what’s best for the club and I love Jax, and he’s best for the club.  I think you could sum Bobby up in those three lines.

Jax’s character changing:

Mark Boone Junior:  Okay, there is a little problem.  I think that’s why Bobby stepped down.  That’s why Bobby ripped the patch because he couldn’t get through to the young lad.  Boop!

Bobby becoming the heart of the show:

Mark Boone Junior:  I thought I always was.  [Happy ending for Bobby]  I can’t help but wonder about that myself.  I really don’t know what’s in store for Bobby Munson.  He keeps trying but you know.  I have very personal feelings about Bobby should be doing but they don’t always coincide with what Bobby ends up doing.  I really don’t know what’s going to happen to Bobby or the whole shebang.  It’s heading to kind of a very strange place, right in the middle of the season, so…  We only have a season and a half left from this point and there are a lot of issues to be resolved still.  Myself, I figure Bobby is going to be doing a spinoff, you know, Bobby on the road, maybe.  [Bobby living until the end] He deserves it.  Who else but Bobby to lead the Sons of Anarchy into the next generation?

Hard to shake off about the show: 

Mark Boone Junior:  Well, it just ruined my relationship last season.  Actually, I think the show is responsible for ruining my relationship.  It’s hard to leave that stuff.  I mean, last season was so hot and what we did, particularly the last half of last season, was so brutal.  I came home and sat on the couch and couldn’t manage anything but that – sitting on the couch making it to work the next day.  I’m not kidding.

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