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SONS OF ANARCHY Theo Rossi “Juice” Interview

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SOA-Comic-Con-8Theo Rossi discusses the new season of Sons of Anarchy.  It’s been a very tough run for Juice, but you certainly won’t hear Theo complaining about it.  He’s thrilled with his character’s twists and turns.  Theo, along with the rest of this beautiful and talented cast, does as much as he can to help everyone out.  When Hurricane Sandy destroyed everything Staten Strong was born.  The charity work that all of the incredible people involved in the show do is immeasurable.  They don’t just donate their money they join everyone in the trenches.  They are not afraid to get dirty and that makes them the most beautiful people in the world.  Prince needs to write a song about the Sons of Anarchy cast.  Don’t miss the season six premiere of Sons of Anarchy on September 10th on FX.

Surprise people the most about season six:

Theo Rossi:  I wish I could say.  So much.  Everything, everything!  It’s all changed.  The one thing that Kurt does is he never ever – it’s so refreshing every year because it’s so surprising, and not in like the way that you go out of your way to do it, but even we know so much and we’ll never know as much as him.  He surprises us so imagine how that is for the fans like whenever we think something we know something, it isn’t.  To me every episode is like what the, really – all right, let’s do this.  I think everything.  It’s very general but that’s what I feel.

Juice put in some of the worst positions:

Theo Rossi:  I know.  I take that as such a compliment when people say that to me.  They say I didn’t think that you were going to make it through.  I’m together with Kim a lot and they always say that to him and I and I always say that’s a good thing because that means that you care about the characters.  You really care if he is going to live or die in every single episode.  We are on the other side right now and we are kind of getting towards that finish line so I think it’s not so much anxiety, I just trust in Kurt so much.  As an actor, I couldn’t ask for a better writer/show runner so I trust him and I think whatever he does is right.  I’m cool.  I have no anxiety.  I just get excited because I’ve been really lucky as the character to really play every single emotion.  My character is so not one note.  He’s been the funny guy, the sad guy, and then there is just so far that you can push a character and now there are breaking points.  I’ve been really lucky with all that.

Dealing with what happened with Clay:

Theo Rossi:  It’s really fascinating the way it plays out.  We’re still seeing everything and it’s lost in the wind.  There are ways he thought he found this, he invested a lot into the relationship with Clay and into that father figure so to see that he had to be instrumental in putting him in a really bad situation really is taxing on him.  And what occurs from that is great.  I can’t wait until people are able to see.  I’m really excited for September 10th and really excited to see how everything plays out and how everybody reacts to it because it’s really cool.

Biggest challenge so far:

Theo Rossi:  The biggest challenge is first of all, we are an ensemble cast and we are like a family, we love each other, so the challenge is just to – you know when we work our show gets deep man.  We do some crazy stuff and I guess you just want to do well when it’s your deal and you get really excited about your arc and what’s going to happen.  It’s been so, I guess not a challenge, it has just been really awesome to see how the reaction is to the show.  We do everything for our fans.  Our fans are the greatest fans in the world.  That’s why we are at the Con.  Our fans are so devoted like comic and graphic novel fans.  They are that kind of fan.  I think Kurt does a really wonderful job keeping them all fulfilled and I think this year more than ever.  It’s not a challenge to me because I just have to go in and do the job – he’s the one that has to write it.        

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