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GHOST GHIRLS Jack Black, Amanda Lund, Maria Blasucci, Jeremy Konner, & Erin McPherson Comic-Con 2013 Interview

[wowslider id=”42″] Jack Black joined the Ghost Girls cast, creators, and producers for an interesting afternoon of interviews.  He sat down at our press table to discuss the series that is launching in the fall on Yahoo! Screen.  Ghost Ghirls is a comedy series that follows the antics of paranormal […]

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Exclusive FAILOSOPHY Hasan Minhaj Interview MTV

I spoke with Hasan Minhaj, host of MTV’s Failosophy.  Failosophy is a studio-based panel show featuring the Internet’s biggest fails.  It premieres tomorrow night, Valentine’s Day, at 10:30 on MTV.  You have to check out Hasan’s sketch group, Goatface Comedy.  They have something for everyone.  If you need help wrapping […]

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THE FOLLOWING Kevin Bacon Interview FOX

Kevin Bacon took the time to discuss The Following. Kevin plays Ryan Hardy in this intense thriller.  After watching just the pilot I was hooked on this series.  It’s dark, frightening, and intriguing.  Natalie Zea (Justified), James Purefoy (Episodes), Billy Brown (Sons of Anarchy) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men: The Last […]

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RAISING HOPE Cloris Leachman Interview FOX

Cloris Leachman took the time to chat about her role as Maw Maw on Raising Hope. How could you not love Maw Maw on Raising Hope?  Maw Maw and Burt, played by the incredibly talented Garret Dillahunt, are my favorite characters on the hit show.  Raising Hope airs Tuesdays at […]

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FRINGE John Noble Interview FOX

John Noble discusses Walter Bishop and the series finale of Fringe on FOX.  The series finale of Fringe will air on Friday, January 18th.  I don’t know about you but I’m going to miss Fringe.  Walter is my favorite character and that is because John does such a brilliant job […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Donal Logue Interview FX

 I spoke with the best Sons of Anarchy guest star ever, the brilliant Donal Logue. Donal plays Lee Toric, a retired U.S. Marshal that wants answers regarding his sister’s death.  Otto (Kurt Sutter) murdered her with a cross that Tara (Maggie Siff) brought to him in prison.  The nurse that […]

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RAISING HOPE Martha Plimpton Interview

Martha Plimpton, from Raising Hope, took the time to chat about the new season, which premieres tonight on FOX.  Martha plays Virginia on Raising Hope and is also celebrating a recent Emmy win.  Raising Hope premieres its third season tonight at 8:00 p.m., and the premiere episode will feature guest […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Maggie Siff Interview FX

The beautiful Maggie Siff discusses Tara’s development, her most difficult scenes, what’s coming up for her on Sons of Anarchy, her first Comic-Con, and so much more.  It was fascinating to listen to Maggie talk about how she has grown as a character.  She brings so much to the series, […]

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LOUIE Louis C.K. Interview FX

Louis C.K. took the time to chat about the new season of Louie on FX, his standup, and so much more.  Louie is one of the best comedies on television right now, so make sure you check it out. There is really nothing like it.  In case you need to […]

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WILFRED Elijah Wood Interview FX

I spoke with Elijah Wood about the new season of Wilfred.  I adore the show and Elijah is always a pleasure to speak with.  Elijah plays Ryan. I’ve watched the first few episodes of the season and if you loved season one, get ready to fall even deeper in love […]

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SUITS Gabriel Macht Interview USA Network

I spoke with Gabriel Macht about the new season of Suits on USA Network.  Gabriel plays, the one and only, Harvey Specter.  I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Harvey.  Gabriel fits the part and the suits perfectly.  I had to give him praise for being in one of my favorite […]

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TOUCH Danny Glover Interview

Danny Glover took the time to chat about his new show on FOX, Touch. The pilot of Touch was enough to convince me that this show is worth watching weekly.  It’s a beautiful show about a father, Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland), trying to connect with his autistic son, Jake Bohm […]

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AWAKE BD Wong and Cherry Jones Interview

I spoke with BD Wong and Cherry Jones about Awake.  Awake is premiering on NBC and the pilot was released early on the network’s site.  It is a fantastic show that really demands your attention.  I haven’t spoken to a single person that didn’t love the pilot, so I hope […]

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AWAKE Jason Isaacs Interview

Jason Isaacs took the time to chat about his new show on NBC, Awake.  Jason plays Michael Britten, a man that has suffered a great loss and he deals with it in a unique way.  Awake will take you on a beautiful journey, and it will be up to you […]

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TOUCH Kiefer Sutherland Interview

Kiefer Sutherland took the time to chat about his new series on FOX, Touch. FOX describes Touch as “a drama that blends science and spirituality to explore the hidden connections which bind together all of humanity. At the center of this distinctive new series is a widower and single father […]

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SOUTHLAND Regina King & Dorian Missick Interview

I spoke with Regina King and Dorian Missick about SouthLAnd.   Regina plays Detective Lydia Adams and Dorian plays Detective Robinson.  They are new partners and we get to be a part of their new relationship as they begin finding out more about each other.  The season premiere is a beautiful one for Adams […]

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SOUTHLAND Shawn Hatosy & Ben McKenzie Interview

I spoke with Shawn Hatosy and Ben McKenzie about SouthLAnd.   Shawn plays Officer Sammy Bryant and Ben plays Officer Ben Sherman.  Sammy went from being a detective to an officer and Ben is finding his footing as a new officer.  The season premiere shows their new partnership and Sammy is trying to open Ben’s […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Kurt Sutter Interview

I spoke with Kurt Sutter about season four of Sons of Anarchy, along with other members of the media.  I asked him about working with the directors of the series and if Peter Weller would be returning next season. I really loved the episodes that Peter Weller directed and I […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Ray McKinnon Interview

I spoke with Ray McKinnon from Sons of Anarchy about his character, Lincoln Potter.   Potter is a unique character that is fascinated with tables. He enjoys standing on them, dancing on them and throwing things on them.  Potter also has exquisite taste in cartoons.  It was a pleasure to speak […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Rockmond Dunbar Interview

I spoke with Rockmond Dunbar from Sons of Anarchy about his character Sheriff Eli Roosevelt, what it was like working with Peter Weller and more.  Rockmond starred in my other favorite show, Terriers with Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James.   It was a sad day when the news came that our […]

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GRIMM Silas Weir Mitchell Interview

I spoke with Silas Weir Mitchell who plays Monroe in Grimm about upcoming episodes and fairy tales.  It was a pleasure to speak with him and find out more about his character and the show.  A short list of films and shows Silas has been featured in:  Prison Break, 24, […]