Exclusive Interview: Zack Ward discusses ‘Bethany’

By Lena Lamoray / May 21, 2017

I spoke with Zack Ward about Bethany, a film that he stars in and co-wrote with James Cullen Bressack, which is available on VOD now. Zack played the legendary Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story, so it’s no surprise that he’s invited to partake in some intense snowball fights. Zack […]

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Exclusive Interview: Leah McKendrick talks M.F.A.

By Lena Lamoray / March 3, 2017

I spoke with Leah McKendrick about her film M.F.A., which will be premiering at SXSW on March 13th. Leah wrote, produced, and stars in M.F.A. She talked about working on the film, what’s next, working with the cast and director, and so much more. Leah stars alongside an incredible cast […]

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Exclusive Interview: Brianne Davis talks SIX

By Lena Lamoray / February 3, 2017

I spoke with Brianne Davis about her role as Lena Graves on SIX, which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on HISTORY. Brianne talked about her character, her background, the response that the show has gotten, her upcoming projects, animal charities, and so much more. She stars alongside an incredible cast that […]

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Exclusive Interview: Algee Smith discusses ‘The New Edition Story’

By Lena Lamoray / January 22, 2017

I spoke with Algee Smith about his role as Ralph Tresvant in The New Edition Story, which premieres Tuesday at 9/8c on BET. Algee talked about playing Ralph while having the actual Ralph on set, the boot camp that the cast went through, the wardrobe, working with the cast, his […]

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Exclusive Interview: Kyle Schmid discusses SIX

By Lena Lamoray / January 16, 2017

I spoke with Kyle Schmid about his role as Alex Caulder in SIX, which premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on HISTORY. Kyle was the legendary Robert Morehouse in Copper, one of my all-time favorite shows. BBC America really let its viewers down by cancelling that masterpiece. He did a brilliant job […]

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Exclusive Interview: Mido Hamada discusses Emerald City

By Lena Lamoray / January 4, 2017

I spoke with Mido Hamada about his role as Eamonn on Emerald City, which premieres Friday on NBC. Eamonn is The Wizard’s most trusted confidant and loyal servant. He stars alongside Vincent D’Onofrio, whose portrayal of The Wizard is extraordinary. Mido also spoke about his work with Wolf Connection and […]

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Exclusive Interview: Josh Levi discusses Citizen Four and ‘The X Factor’

By Lena Lamoray / October 29, 2016

I spoke with Josh Levi about Citizen Four, his time on The X Factor, being in a boy band, his music, his acting, touring, his upcoming projects, and so much more. Citizen Four is currently on tour with Sabrina Carpenter. Don’t miss them when they come to your area. LL: […]

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Exclusive Interview: Jon Donahue discusses ‘Inferno’

By Lena Lamoray / October 14, 2016

I spoke with Jon Donahue about Inferno. He talked about his new film, which also happens to star Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Sidse Babett Knudsen, and is directed by Ron Howard. It was also very lovely to find out that we are on the same page regarding Turner & Hooch. […]

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Exclusive Interview: Sam Lerner discusses ‘The Goldbergs’

By Lena Lamoray / October 12, 2016

I spoke with Sam Lerner about The Goldbergs, the ‘80s, what it’s like to be Geoff Schwartz, having Barry as a friend, Erica, and so much more. The Goldbergs is one of the best comedies on television right now. If you are a fan of the ‘80s this show has […]

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Exclusive Interview: Stephen Manley discusses ‘Ghosthunters,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter,’ and more

By Lena Lamoray / September 25, 2016

I spoke with the incredibly talented Stephen Manley about Ghosthunters, Star Trek, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, and so much more. It was wonderful speaking with Stephen about his films, technology, that gorgeous house in Ghosthunters, etc. He has so many stories to share and is definitely one of the most […]

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