Exclusive Interview: JC Mackenzie discusses ‘Vinyl’

By Lena Lamoray / March 25, 2016

I spoke with JC Mackenzie about Vinyl. JC plays Skip Fontaine in the HBO series created by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Rich Cohen. Skip is the head of sales and sometimes that means spending time making records disappear in clever and unique ways. JC was a delight to speak […]

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Exclusive Interview: Arjun Gupta discusses ‘The Magicians’

By Lena Lamoray / March 19, 2016

I spoke with Arjun Gupta about The Magicians. Arjun brings Penny to life in the Syfy series. Don’t let Penny’s tough exterior fool you because he has probably put himself on the line, both physically and mentally, more than anyone else in the group. Arjun was wonderful to speak with. […]

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Exclusive Interview: Blake Cooper Griffin discusses ‘Love Is All You Need?’

By Lena Lamoray / February 23, 2016

I spoke with Blake Cooper Griffin about Love Is All You Need?, his passion for politics, House of Lies, his work to combat bullying, and so much more. Love Is All You Need? will be premiering on March 5th at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA. It also […]

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Exclusive Interview: Saxon Sharbino discusses ‘Love’

By Lena Lamoray / February 15, 2016

I spoke with Saxon Sharbino about Love, Poltergeist, taking a more active role in Hollywood, and more. Saxon plays Simone in Love. Love is a new Netflix series created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust. It also stars Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rust, and Dave Allen. The entire first […]

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Exclusive Interview: Hale Appleman discusses ‘The Magicians’

By Lena Lamoray / February 13, 2016

I spoke with Hale Appleman about The Magicians. Hale plays Eliot Waugh in the Syfy series. Eliot is spirited, mischievous, spectacularly dressed, and the one character on the show that you just can’t take your eyes off of because you know that the second you do, you will miss something. […]

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Exclusive Interview: RJ Mitte discusses ‘Who’s Driving Doug,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ and more

By Lena Lamoray / January 31, 2016

I spoke with RJ Mitte about Who’s Driving Doug, Breaking Bad, Switched at Birth, people’s misconceptions about disabilities, his anti-bullying campaign, working with Shriners Hospitals for Children and United Cerebral Palsy, his fashion work, and so much more. RJ played Walter White, Jr. on one of the best shows in […]

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Exclusive Interview: ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Reynaldo Pacheco

By Lena Lamoray / January 19, 2016

I spoke with Reynaldo Pacheco about Our Brand Is Crisis, The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts, Changing Stories, his music, and more. Reynaldo plays Eddie in the film and stars alongside Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, and Anthony Mackie. Our Brand Is Crisis will be available on Digital HD 1/19 […]

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Exclusive Interview: Demetrius Grosse discusses ‘Game of Silence,’ ‘Westworld,’ ‘Justified’ and more

By Lena Lamoray / January 15, 2016

I spoke with the extremely talented Demetrius Grosse about Justified, Game of Silence, Westworld, writing, directing, and so much more. He is also starring in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which is in theaters right now. Who else misses Justified? Errol forever! Get excited about Game of Silence […]

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Exclusive Interview: BECOMING SANTA & SCHOOL OF ROCK Tony Cavalero

By Lena Lamoray / December 10, 2015

I spoke with Tony Cavalero about his roles in Becoming Santa, School of Rock, his beautiful rescue dogs, The Groundlings, smoothies, holiday films, and so much more. He stars as Jack Frost in Lifetime’s Becoming Santa, which airs Saturday at 8/7c. He also stars as Dewey Finn in School of […]

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Exclusive Interview: FINDING CARTER Zac Pullam

By Lena Lamoray / November 24, 2015

I spoke with Zac Pullam about his role as Grant on Finding Carter. Find out what movie helped him with tonight’s episode. We also discussed that fight between Max and Gabe and all that hair, his Zac Attack videos, and so much more. Someone please get Zac a copy of […]

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